New York Pizza

What is it about New York pizza? I’ve never been anywhere that had such consistently satisfying pies. When people say New York pizza is the best, and many people who don’t happen to be New Yorkers do, I think that must be what they mean.

Because i’ve certainly had better pizza in other places now and then, but overall the Big Apple is the place to indulge. The pair of mouth watering pies above were had at a totally authentic place on Staten Island a few years back. I can still remember the taste.

As a former professional baker I have some ideas around the wherefore and why of certain types of baked goods being superior in certain places. I believe the type of water being used contributes immensely to taste of the finished product. This would explain not only the unique pizza of New York, but the quality of the bagels as well, which i’ve never seen matched anywhere else in the world.

But to get back to the pies, i’ve had pizza all over Italy, all over the U.S., and in many other places as well, but New York, ah, New York, is the pizza capitol of the world, and I salute it.


4 responses to “New York Pizza

  1. Y must say, but this gave me the apetite i so long mised ….By the way, if you realy want the best pizza you must try in Baia-Mare in Maramures, Romania, as you said..the best ingredients make it realy tasty…

    Hope you enjoyed it..:P

    Mihai Erdely

  2. Oh, I did. We do plan on making it to Romania one day. Perhaps you could take us there?

  3. Amen, brother. NY city pies are awesome!

  4. Lett me know when u plan the trip… you have my e-mail if you need the details… sorry for the long time since i was missing:)

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