The Way Of All Flesh

Just a bit of musing about social mores today. The photo you see here was taken while on holiday on the south coast of Croatia in 2006. The reason i’m putting it up, other than the obvious bid to get more people to look, is to contrast what Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders and the like consider to be risque, and what it’s like in Croatia, which is different to anywhere else i’ve ever been.

This young lady is actually not that extreme a case. Many of her peers were showing more flesh, she was just the one we managed to get a photo of without being obvious. No, I didn’t take it, my wife did.

Conservatives in the western half of the northern hemisphere and indeed downunder do a lot of tutting about how young women dress these days, I believe they would have a coronary if they saw how they dress in the Summer in Croatia.

In the week we were there I never once saw a woman sexually harrassed. The argument is often put about that women dressing provocatively are “asking for it”, and yet we saw many young wome dressed like this walking around late at night without a care in the world, which would not be the case where I come from, nor where I now live.

So what is the difference? Why is there a problem in some places and not in others? I believe the answer is in societal attitudes toward sexuality in general. Where sex is considered a healthy and natural part of life there is less harrassment and rape. Something for our Muslim and Christian fundamentalist neighbors to consider.


2 responses to “The Way Of All Flesh

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    Scantilly clad women running around without open harrassment does not equate into being a great situation for women.

    The Croats did a pretty good job of slaughter and rape as a war strategy during the war in the 90’s. The sexual torture that took place by all sides was perverse.

    Things are so bad for women in this corner of the world that Croatia has designated September 22 as National Day for the Suppression of Violence against Women. Any country that needs a special day for that can’t be a good place for women to live.

  2. Not only that but i’ve since learned that men often get off without punishment in rape cases. That said, I didn’t see one single case of harassment in the week we were there, and there would be plenty here and in the States. If women choose to run around in very little I think they should be able to do so without frear of reprisal, and apparently in Croatia they do. At least when I was there.

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