A Day In The Life On Earth

Forcing his way onto the air lift, Raxtaple touched the invulnarability shield button on his wrist console without a thought. In 1.87392 seconds he stepped out of the lift and proceeded to the guideway on the outer ring of his work habitat and hailed a cab.

As they glided along the inbound tube he gazed absently at the scene outside the perspex and idly wondered what he should have for lunch. He stepped out the cab and headed into his usual restaurant. A Glanixtian courier bumped into him as he considered his options and he felt a moment of annoyance. He spotted an old lover he didn’t have the energy to deal with and decided he needed a change of pace. Afterall, the memories of her prediliction for involving Blovodian Yelphinoids in their sex life was still fresh in his mind. Why they allowed those things to replicate was beyond him.

Shrugging it off he thought to himself, perhaps i’ll go to that quaint part of the quadrant with the ancient buildings made of that strange material. What was it called? Ah yes, bricks. It always amused him to see what was down there at ground level, it was so two centuries ago! It had been built as a reminder of what life on Earth had once been like.

To save time he decided to take a transporter tube. Setting the coordinates on his console he stepped into the nearest tube and in .98462 seconds stepped out onto the street. Oh yes, this was just the ticket! He strolled along the pathway and came across a building with a sign that read Massage Cafeteria. Excellent, he thought to himself. He had been feeling a bit tensed up of late. He approached the counter and enquired about the services available.

The attendant smiled vacantly and said “today, sir, we have Kedgeree, Malorvian cod ceviche, gratin of mixed vegetable…”

“No, no, I was inquiring about the massage options”, he interjected.

“Well sir, the massage is given either before or after lunch, or during if you prefer, but you must order your meal first. All known forms of massage are available.” She smiled slyly at the last.

“I see”, he said. “Fine, i’ll have the Kedgeree and think about what else I want.”

Leaving the building with a spring in his step after a very fine Naloobian reverse pressure transaction session he was about to hail a cab when several rapid fire photon beams exploded a nearby communications booth. Diving for cover he could see the return fire from a door across the way followed by the sight of two Zarbinian freedom fighters fleeing from the scene.

Sensing the drama was over he stood up and dusted himself off and hailed a cab. The one downside to visiting the ground level, he thought to himself, one had to deal with the rabble. He returned to his work habitat to complete his daily analysis quota.

After work he met up with some friends at a nearby watering hole. A couple of Sepherian vodka martinis into the end of work celebrations one of them suggested they take in some holographic Grook hunting at a leisure center on the outer ring of a nearby colony.

“What the hell”, he said, and as they headed for the nearest transporter tube he reflected that life on Earth was pretty fine.

2 responses to “A Day In The Life On Earth

  1. very gutsy story – I’m too chicken to venture into the far off future – well done!

  2. Thanks. But we all know you’re biased. ;-p

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