Fear, Loathing And Frivolity In Facebook Playland

I have been punched in the face 37 times, attacked 203 times and killed 3 times.

Welcome the world of Mob Wars! All of the above have happened over the space of a week, and i’m loving every minute of it.

What amazes me is that 90% of these events were visited on me by ONE person.

I won’t bore you with the details of how the game is played, it’s basically a strategy game in which one accumulates wealth and property to get ahead. Sometimes you attack other mobsters to accomplish this, but it’s all in spirit of fun. Mostly.

Man oh man. I found the game attractive for its strategy aspects. For me, it’s an intellectual exercise, albeit a lowbrow one. Nothing wrong with that. It’s an involving time waster. When the person who’s done most of the attacking started in on me I checked how much it would cost to have him killed, and it turned out it was cheap. So i did! I thought it would deter him. Hoo boy, was i wrong! He came back to life and proceeded to attack me over and over again. What’s a boy to do? I had him whacked again! Surely he couldn’t be so thick that he wouldn’t get the hint this time. Oh, nay nay! Since then he has pounded me for three days straight, and there is no end in sight.

I have spent a bit of time idly speculating about his initial motive, as you do. Well, as I do anyway, i’m easily amused, after all. I have come up with the following possible scenarios:

I robbed his girlfriend at some point (there are female players in the this game too), and he’s defending her honor.

He’s a fourteen year old boy with anger issues and few or no friends who takes out his frustrations on game players he sees are not as powerful as he is.

He’s a thirty-two year old case of arrested development with anger issues, etc.

He’s a case of arrested development with a three inch penis, and therefore anger issues.

He’s a paranoid schizophrenic in a mental hospital with computer privileges.

He’s one of my ex-wives who’s found me at last.

Personally i’m rather fond of that last one.

It doesn’t matter which, if any of those things are true, i’m enjoying the mystery and looking forward to his next round of brutal attacks. God forbid he should ever decide to ignore me, I would be tempted to go in and punch him in the face to start the frivolity again. I love Mob Wars.


2 responses to “Fear, Loathing And Frivolity In Facebook Playland

  1. CheckMEout!!!!!

    HA HA HA HA HA Thats funny if u wanna attack him good post the hitlist to this website it gets a lot of views a day and someone will pick him up quick!


  2. Thanks for the tip!

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