The Comedy of Jeff Dunham

I was reminded today of my all time favorite comedian, Jeff Dunham. Those messages that pop up on the side of Face Book pages that tell you you have a friend who’s a fan of a particular person let me know that one of my friends was a fan of Jeff.

Of course I just had to go and view a few of the many videos that are on his website. I highly recommend that if you’ve never had the pleasure, or even if you have, you go and live the magic. Here’s the address:

I had the “pleasure” of being at the front table at a small comedy club in San Francisco when he played there, and one his characters, Peanut, lit into me big time. It was great. Being the good sport that I am I played along and even gave as good as I got, prompting Peanut at one point to tell me, “listen dude, i’m doing the comedy here”.

I won’t bother naming all the characters he has, you either know or you are in for a real treat. They are, I should add, ventriloquist puppets, and Jeff Dunham is the puppet master.

A truly amazing ventriloqist he is, too. I once saw him have one of his puppets sing while he, Jeff, drank a glass of water. No mean feat.

That’s Achmed the Dead Terrorist in the animated gif above, by the way, with his most famous line. If you only have time to watch one short video of Jeff at work, I highly recommend part one of Achmed.

Jeff tours frequently, so you might want to check his calendar and see where he’s going to be in the near future. We share the same hometown, Dallas, Texas, and apparently it’s a place we’re both glad to be from rather than in. Jeff is also one of only four comedians to have ever been on the Johnny Carson show, a real honor.

If you’re at all interested in comedy, do yourself a favor and check him out.


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