A Strange Experience

Finding youself in a place you’ve never been and not knowing how you got there can be many things. Interesting, thrilling, frightening, perplexing. Many things. Such was the content of Alex’s mind in the moment.

What was rapidly becoming more to the point, however, was how to deal with that in addition to the fact that the place in question was unlike anywhere he’d ever imagined, let alone actually been.

It occured to him that he now knew how Dorothy felt when she told Toto they weren’t in Kansas anymore. He wasn’t sure that was a good thing, but there it was.

He looked about, then closed his eyes and shook his head from side to side. Nope. Still here. Wherever here was. He was used to unusual experiences, but this was beyond the pale.

It was not unlike the town he lived in in some ways, but the…people, for want of a better word, were not of this world. At least, he was pretty sure. They moved about by gliding along the ground, and they wore long robes in colors he had no names for. He continued to remain rooted to the spot, wondering why they seemed to take no notice of him. He was in no hurry to find out what would happen if he spoke to them.

He saw a bench nearby and decided he’d better sit down. He continued to watch the endless parade of beings gliding to and fro, some passing very close to him, and still they took no notice of him. He took a deep breath and tried to make sense of it all, but this was beyond anything he could comprehend.

Why was he not freaked out by all this? Not that that would be a good thing, but one would think finding oneself in an alien environment with no idea how one got there should be unsettling. Perhaps it was best not to dwell on that. He rubbed his neck and looked up at the sky. Whoa. It seemed odd that he hadn’t noticed it was all the colors of the rainbow at once. The clouds. Wow. They were shifting patterns moving in all directions and creating strange symbols that dissovled into nothingness and then reappeared in new forms.

His mouth was dry, but he was wary of moving from the bench. He looked about and saw what seemed to be a water fountain nearby. He would have to go to it. He got up slowly and watched the parade of gliding beings. Still not paying attention to him. Right then, time to move. He began walking toward the fountain and became mesmerized by the show in the sky once again. This is all too much.

He noticed a traffic circle off to his right with some strange looking statues. Three of them, some sort of symbols. He couldn’t decide what they were. Fungus of some sort? Where these beings part of a mushroom cult. Mushrooms…

He was on the verge of a realization when he looked back down at where he was going a little to late to notice the being gliding forward right in front of him and he braced himself for impact. He came to an abrupt halt as the creature glided right through him. As if he wasn’t there.

It was then that he began to scream. He stopped abruptly as he felt a pressure on his shoulder. His vision shifted and he found himself sitting on his sofa. In his own apartment. With his girlfriend Kelly shaking him and looking bemused. Oh wow.

“Hey there, stoner. Been hitting the magic mushrooms again?” She shook her head as he rubbed his eyes and tried to focus better.

“Oh wow, man, you wouldn’t believe where i’ve been.” He grinned at her and looked sheepish. “I gotta lay off those things. I know I promised i’d just deal them and not indulge, but you were gonna be late and I was bored…”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah. Uh huh. Where have I heard that before?”

Just another day in the life he thought to himself and shrugged.


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