Trapped Like A Rat

There has to be a way out of this Troy thought to himself. There is always a way out. He shifted his weight as he crouched uncomfortably behind a rubbish bin in a dank alley. A rat scurried by, seemingly oblivious to the new occupant of its environs. Troy could feel his heart trying to beat its way out of his chest and took some deep breaths.

He peeked down the south end of the alley and to his dismay the Bradley boys were still patrolling the street. It was only a matter of time before they decided to do a thorough search of the alley, though they couldn’t know it was where he’d ended up. He tried to slow his mind down so he could come up with a plan, but his thoughts were racing. He didn’t want to die in this stinking alley, and that was all there was to that.

Taking a peek down the north end he caught sight of one of the Allen boys walking by looking all around. Great, no luck. He was pinned down good. He shifted his weight again and thought hard. Nothing was coming, and it wasn’t long before he was mentally beating himself up for ending up in his predicament rather than trying to find a way out of it. He forced himself to let go of all that and tried to clear his mind so he could get back to problem solving mode.

He could try to wait them out, but when they didn’t find him anywhere else in the area they were bound to start searching alleys. It wouldn’t take them long. They both wanted him dead, so trying to placate one or the other wasn’t going to get him far. There had to be something he was overlooking.

He tried to think of all the things he knew about each of them. Collectively they were some of the baddest dudes in town, that was for sure. None of them were too bright. Collectively they might have a triple digit i.q.. Maybe. Rob Allen was the head of the Allen gang. He was a sadistic bastard. Bill Bradley was the head of the Bradley gang. He made Rob Allen look like a choirboy.

Damn, it was all bad. What an idiot I am, he thought to himself. How in the hell did I think it was going to work out crossing both of them let alone either one? They both hate me, he thought to himself miserably, and they hate each other. How in the hell…that’s it! They hate each other!

His mind was racing again, but this time it was good. A plan was forming in his head. If he could play them off against each other he might just stand a chance. Anything was better than waiting for the end to find him. It wouldn’t be pretty if it did. He took his cell phone out of his pocket and contemplated it. If only there was someone he could call to get him out of this jam, but that wasn’t going to happen. He had burned too many bridges.

Slowly it came to him. It could work, but the timing would have to be just right. He needed some way to make that happen. There has to be a way he thought to himself for the second time. There is always a way. He looked through his saved numbers. There it was. Rob Allen’s number. Ditto for Bill Bradley. Thankfully he hadn’t deleted them after he stopped having anything to do with them.

He dialled Bill’s number first. Come on, he thought to himself, pick up you useless bastard. Finally it happened.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

Hurrah for number blocking. Troy did his best to impersonate Rob Allen.

“Hey, Bradley, Rob Allen here. You got any idea where I can find that little slime weasel Troy Adams?”

Bill was pissed off; he could feel it down the line.

“Allen? What do you want with Troy? I’m looking for that asshole myself. Where do you get off calling me?”

“Chill out, dickhead, I just thought you might know something. I seen you and your boys cruising along State Street as if you knew what you were doin’, that’s all.”

“Dickhead?! You cruisin’ for a bruisin’ Allen? Tell where you are and I’ll deliver.”

“Piss off. If I find him first he’s mine, you hear?” Troy could barely contain himself. This was going to work, he just knew it.

“Listen, if I find you you’re toast. You got that?” Bill Bradley was livid.

“Yeah? Well you ain’t got the balls. We’re all here on Main, just around that alley that runs between here and State. I’m callin’ your bluff dickhead. Better bring your whole crew.”

Troy hung up and breathed a sigh of relief. He waited for the inevitable and it didn’t take long. Peeking out he could see the Allen crew come thundering down the alley headed for Main Street. He counted as they went by. Perfect, all present and accounted for. As they poured out of the alley he got up and scurried for State street, vowing he would get a bus ticket out of town right away.


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