Is This What It’s Come To?

Waterboard-RunI have avoided this subject for too long, I’ve decided. I don’t want to use my blog for political purposes, and I avoid mentioning religion because I’m not the sort of person to get on a soapbox, but I came across something the other day that I feel I really must talk about.

As I’ve mentioned previously, and as the vast majority of you readers know, I put my blog on Alpha Inventions. As a paid member I take a bit of time each day to investigate the other blogs in the cycle to see what’s up. I came across something deeply disturbing. It’s one of the many so-called Christian sites, I won’t give it any credibility by naming it, but the content of that day’s post was mind-boggling.

Without quoting directly, the gist of the argument put forth was a response to Obama’s condemnation of the torture technique known as waterboarding. The author of the blog contends that not only would Jesus have approved of waterboarding, he would have done it to save his own mother.

Yes, you read that right. The supposed saviour, the man whom their religion is named after would have fully approved of waterboarding to, and here I am quoting, “save American lives”. That’s the belief of this Christian blogger.

Over the years I’ve heard and read many bizarre claims made in the name of Jesus, but this one takes the cake. I have watched these so-called Christian sects spring up over the last twenty years that completely ignore the supposed teachings of Jesus, indeed, ignore the entire New Testament in order to push their brand of hate-spewing, fear-mongering, bigoted bile all in the name of a figure they completely ignore but continue to use the name of. Indeed, they are Christians who claim to embrace the teachings of Christ while simultaneously revelling in Old Testament fire and brimstone.

I rejected Christianity more than forty years ago myself, but I’m quite certain that I recall Jesus pretty much rejected the Old Testament ways and preached love and forgiveness. I believe there’s a word for those who have the audacity to call themselves Christians and then assert that Jesus would not only approve of waterboarding, but would practice it himself. That word is hypocrite.

I simply cannot get over what I read on that blog. The blog I’m referring to does not seem to be an extremist one, either. It’s essentially a mainstream Christian blog, and yet the author is quite certain he’s on firm ground in his bizarre conclusion, and based on the comments he’s received, he’s got a lot of support. That’s frightening. To think there are people running around loose in the world that think this way. Never mind the Islamic terrorists; folks, the real danger is much closer to home.


6 responses to “Is This What It’s Come To?

  1. (That’s a very cool painting, by the way…)

    Maybe I’m over-thinking this. That’s possible.

    I take away from this that you’re upset, but I’m not rightly certain about what.

    The person making that dumbassed comment wouldn’t seem to bother, really. Religion is bases on silly shit, and, whether Jesus would have waterboarded anyone is something stupid to ponder. Well, for one thing, the fucker lived in the goddamned desert. You think those people are gonna waste water on some dumbass? Now, if they were sandboarding, it might be a decent discussion.

  2. lol. Good point. But really, I’ve made quite a study of this Jesus character, and I have to say, there’s not one shred of evidence that he ever existed. The first mention of him doesn’t occur until more that 70 years after he supposedly died. Add to that the fact that Bethlehem, where is alleged to have been born, didn’t exist until nearly 200 years after his supposed death, and it all looks pretty shaky. Most likely he was a conglomeration of some radical rabbis that were stirring the pot at the time.

  3. Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. What DOES matter is all these religious dumbasses believe it. God, how I LOVE mocking them.

    I know…I know, I’m not a very good person. Oh, well…you know, fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. If it weren’t for mocking people, where would we cripples find our joy, after all?

  4. My god, (you’ll pardon the humor) we certainly have a lot in common. I have fun on some of the atheist blogs taking pot shots at the Christians that come in to tell us we’re all going to burn in hell.

  5. I’m a life-long atheist, an escapee from the Dominicans, but the organized atheists have just as small a sense of humor as the fucking christians do.

  6. That’s true of many of them. It’s one of the reasons I never call myself an atheist. I simply acknowledge that there’s no evidence to support superstition of any kind and that’s that. I get annoyed with theists who insist on talking about atheist dogma. You need to have a belief system to have dogma. I wish they’ d get a dictionary. Or failing that at least grow a brain.

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