The Flesh Of God

I was made aware awhile back of a Youtube video entitled Jesus Was A Mushroom. Apparently there are quite a few of these, and they all relate to a theory by a biblical scholar named John Marco Allegro whose study of the dead sea scrolls in the late sixties led him to the conclusion that Christianity was based on fertility cults of the near east known for rituals involving Amanita Muscaria. Books on the subject are readily available on Amazon.

It’s all a bit much to go into here, but one of the fascinating things i’ve learned in delving into all this is that the word christian is derived from the sumerian language and translates as “smeared in semen”!

At any rate, it got me to thinking about the relationship between civil law and drug use. One would think that if the prohibition attempts of the ’30’s in America, and in other places at other times had anything at all to show us, it is that prohibition simply doesn’t work. And yet governments the world over continue to throw great wads of money at the same, blithely ignoring the monumental failure of it all. Never mind that drastic laws against naturally occuring mind-altering substances take precedence over laws concering the use of alcohol and tabacco, which, while naturally occuring, need refining and processing to be used. The wherefores and whys of all that are best left for another post.

We rail against the wrong things so very often. Laws we proclaim are intended for the health and safety of us all really only create a very profitable black market, and those who engage in that market certainly seem to have far more insight into human nature than any government ever has.

Something to think about.

[The photo is of a fine example of an Amanita Muscaria mushroom, on which John Marco Allegro alleges Christianity was originally based. I took the photo in 2004 in the front garden of our then home.]


9 responses to “The Flesh Of God

  1. Found you via Alphainventions.

    You like some great writers

  2. While I don’t necessarily disagree with what you’ve said about drug laws, for me, it’s a real concise discussion.

    My body. I’ll put into it anything I’d like to.

    End of discussion.

  3. Exactly. I shake my head in disbelief at all the money that goes into trying to stop people from smoking the leaves and flowers of a simple plant while ignoring the huge cost to society of alcohol abuse, which is even worse where I live than in America. Though we’ve got nothing on the Aussies in that department.

  4. So I understand.

    I live here on the Left Coast, got out of high school in ’66 and disappeared into the Haight and learned all about music, drugs, and group sex. (In fact, I was in my mid-thirties before I realized group sex wasn’t normal, but that may be another discussion.)

    Here in California, smoke for personal use is virtually ignored by the cops and legalization is finally in the wings. Other drugs, doubtful, but I find the arguments against decriminalization of all drugs specious. I’m a great big adult man, and I can make my own decisions, and even if I can’t, the very LAST people that should be making decisions for me is the fucking government…ANY government.

  5. Well said. That’s the only thing I agree with the Libertarians about.

  6. Lesbians? I have a kid that’s a lesbian…what? OH…LIBERTARIAN…sorry…

  7. I was starting to wonder if mine was a lesbian, but she just got married again, so I guess not.

  8. Hey, I love eatin’ pussy. Why wouldn’t everyone?

  9. Good point.

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