Captain Super Crusader

Captain Super Crusader strutted down the trash stewn street looking over his shoulder now and then towards the well-heeled side of town as though he had not a care in the world. He was, after all, Captain Super Crusader, and he was one badass mofo.

“Superman and Green Lantern ain’t got nothin’ on me. I can make like a turtle and dive for your pearls in the sea…”. He sang it loud and proud and ignored the hoots of derision emanating from doorways and the odd drunk stumbling past.

He cut a dashing figure, he reckoned, in his blue lame’ body suit, silver cape and mercury-winged red mask. Would any ne’er-do-well not tremble at the very sight of him? It remained to be seen. He was not fooled by the bravdo of those he passed, his keen senses cut through all facades to the matter at hand. He was Captain Super Crusader, the epitome of righteousness!

This avenue of broken dreams and destroyed lives did not touch him. Crime was the disease, and he, Captain Super Crusader was the cure!

As he moved into the sleazier part of the neighborhood the hooting and laughter continued, but now it was mixed with sneers and name calling of a most unseemly sort. His countenance was hard and he unconsciously flexed his fists.

He marched past battered cans of rubbish spilling out to soil the sidewalk and his nostrils were assaulted with rotting vegetation and the maggot infested remains of half eaten take out meals . A junkie vomited at the curb and passed out drunks snored in many of the doorways.

Squealing tires in the street added to the cacophony that was ringing in his ears. Yelling, wretched music spilling out of seedy gin joints, the hookers standing about laughed shrilly at their own jokes. It all washed over him in endless waves. His resolve grew firmer and he squared his shoulders and did his best to rise above it all.

As he rounded a corner he heard a scream, followed closely by angry words. This sounded like a job for Captain Super Crusader! He broke into a trot and as he passed into the darkened space beneath an overpass he could just make out two hulking thugs standing over a woman with a ripped blouse huddled on the ground covering her face with her hands. They stood over her with clenched fists and one of them made to strike her.

“Halt, felons!”, He shouted. They turned in unison with meanacing looks which quickly turned to shock, followed by hearty laughter.

“Get a load of this dickwad!” the larger of the two said to his cohort.

The other couldn’t seem to stop laughing and merely pointed at their would be nemesis with one hand while holding his stomach with the other.

“Hey, Super Sap, goin’ to a costume party?” the larger one inquired with a smirk.

Captain Super Crusader planted his feet and raised his left hand and pointed. “You will cease and desist immediately or you will face my wrath!” he proclaimed.

The woman on the ground took the opportunity to jump up and flee, and they thought about going after her, but decided they’d rather deal to the bozo first.

“You know what, asshole, i’m gonna cut you from belly to balls for that.” He pulled out a switchblade and waved it around in front of him with an air of menace.

“Drop your weapon, this is your last warning!”

As they advanced, Captain Super Crusader reached under his cape and pulled out his silver plated double barreled .45 automatic and let each of them have one, leaving gaping holes in each of their guts as they dropped heavily to the ground.

He blew the smoke from the barrels and returned his gun to beneath his cape. Who said this vigilante business had to be dull, he thought to himself as he strode purposefully back onto the street and away into the night.


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