Until The Last Dog Is Hung – Part 5

3hardguysWhen we got back to my place we were all as wired as could be. Pulling off a job like that does that to you. I brought out the celebration beers and a bottle of whisky as well. That may have been a mistake, but it seemed right at the time. Oh hell, the truth is I was just in the moment. We all were.

We relived the events of the night and were putting away the beer and whisky quick. Angelo counted out the money while we talked. One hundred and twenty thousand. Not a bad nights work. He gave us each our cut and the party continued on. About an hour later we were all good and hammered and that’s when Angelo started in again. That’ll happen when he’s drunk.

“Hey, Mick, there’s one thing I gotta get straight with you, man.”

He was pointing his finger at me again. I tried to ignore it, but it got to me. I just gritted my teeth and refused to look him in the eye. He hates that.

“Look at me when I’m talkin’ to you, dude. What was that shit back at the job, tellin’ me we need to get going? I told you, if there’s a safe I want it opened. I’ll tell you when it’s time to go, you just do your job.”

I nodded my head, but right then and there I made up my mind. This was where I got off. Petey jumped in and started trying to lighten things up, like he does, and Angelo was wasted enough to let him do it. They were having a little mutual admiration fest, so I told them I had to take a leak and went out the back to get some air. As I walked around things started shapin’ in my mind. Sometimes a guy just has to do what a guy has to do, I thought. I had a smoke and went back inside to join the party.

The next day Petey and me slept in, or more like slept it off. We cleaned the place up when we finally got around to getting up and then went to our favourite cafe for some food. Petey could see somethin’ was on my mind and I wasn’t ready to make things happen yet so I just told him it was the hangover and I was fine.

Later on I made some phone calls while Petey was occupied with somethin’ in his room. When I was done I felt good and when Petey came out later on I told him we should go out on the town, have some dinner and do some more celebratin’ of our big score. He was all for that so we hit the town and had a great time, and for once I didn’t think too much about Angelo.

We got a little juiced as the night went on and Petey asked me when we were gonna do another job. I thought maybe it would be a good time to set some wheels in motion so I told him it just so happened that I had an idea of my own, and of course we’d do it with Angelo, but we’d get a better percentage since it was our job. He looked doubtful, but he asked me what it was. I just grinned and told him when the time was right he’d know.

Change was in the air. Change was needed, that’s what I knew. Every dog has his day.

Tomorrow, Part 6


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