Until The Last Dog Is Hung – Part 7

3hardguysMarco was concerned about my informant. He figured after we did the job this guy would be the first person they’d be lookin’ for. I told him the guy was movin’ across country soon anyway, and he hadn’t told anyone where he was goin’, so it wouldn’t be a problem. That seemed to make that problem go away and we carried on talkin’ through the ins and outs.

Marco was real keen, and that’s the thing I needed to happen. I told him how we could get in at the back without being seen and it would all be sweet. He left with a big smile on his face and the game was in play. I waited a couple of days before tellin’ him the job was on, the dealer was comin’ to town. He was down with that, so I made the call I’d been waiting to make.

The next day Marco came over and we went over my plan in detail. I needed him to buy into it just the way I’d set it up. Everything was riding on it.

“So here’s the deal. We go to the club tonight. I know where the alarm code is kept for the back door. I just need to get into the owner’s office for two minutes. You guys can create a commotion if he’s up there. That will bring him down and I can get the code. If he’s not in there, sweet. Sound good?”

More beard stroking. “Yeah, okay, that should work. We’ll go tonight.”

I knew the owner would be in his office. Marco causing a stir was all in the plan. This was gonna be great. That night we went to the club and I made like I was checking things out and then told Marco I needed him and Petey to cause a scene. I got in place under the stairs and waited. Marco started a fake fight with Petey and then started talking shit about what a dive the club was real loud so the owner would hear him. It worked like a charm. The owner came out and went down to sort Marco and Petey out and I hightailed it up the stairs and got the code and back down out to the street where Marco and Petey had been deposited by the bartender and the owner.

Marco was grinning when I got out there.

“That was fun. You get the code?”

“Got it Marco. We’re good to go tomorrow night. Gonna be a big score.”

Petey was happy as could be. He loved that Marco and I were getting along. We parted company and Petey and I went back to our place. Petey had something on his mind and it didn’t take him long to come out with it.

“Mick, you sure this job is gonna be alright? We ain’t never knocked over a drug deal before.”

“It’s gonna be fine, Petey. We should turn in early. We got a big day tomorrow, eh?”

The next day I made the last call I needed to make. It went down good and the trap was set. It was only a few hours until it all went down. I had a couple of beers with Petey and we talked about the job some more. I had told Marco the deal was going down an hour before the club opened, and we should be there at eight.

At seven thirty He showed up and it was all on.

Tomorrow, Part 8 – The End.


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