Until The Last Dog Is Hung – Part 8 – The End

3hardguysWe drove to the club and the energy was high the whole way, just like it always is when a job is about to go down. Marco and Petey were in good spirits, and I tried to keep my mind in the moment. I needed to get this thing right. I had set it up as best I could.

We drove around the back and parked in the alley not far from the back door of the club. We waited to make sure it was all clear and then got out of the car with our weapons and headed for the door. I punched in the code and we heard the lock click. I put my hand on the handle and Marco and I looked at each other. He nodded and in we went, quiet as thieves in the night.

The place was dark and we had to feel our way to the stairs. Everything was quiet upstairs, but the lights were on and the blinds were drawn. Marco motioned me up the stairs and I went ahead of him with Petey in the rear. We got to the door and I hesitated a moment, then tried the handle gently. It turned quietly and I looked to Marco for the nod. He stood in front of the door with his Uzi at the ready and then nodded. I threw the door open and he rushed in.

I backed myself against the wall just as a shotgun went off and Marco was blown back out through the doorway with a gaping hole in his gut. I grabbed Petey by the arm and started to run, but he pulled away from me and went back to Marco. I started to yell for him, but I saw the barrel of the shotgun out of the corner of my eye and ran for the stairs just as it went off again. I didn’t look back.

I flew down the stairs and out the back door and into the alley, making for the car for all I was worth. I heard shouting and a bullet whooshed by me as I threw the car door open and got in. I turned the key and hit the gas for all it was worth. I heard shots behind me but didn’t look back. I just drove like a bat out of hell and turned the corner and kept goin’.

When I got back to my place I was still shakin’ like a leaf. By god it had all worked out. I knew I was takin’ a risk, but I also knew Marco would go in first, and that was all I needed. I poured myself a stiff drink and sat down to think things over. It was a damn shame about Petey, but on the other hand he was gettin’ to be a drag. I had to get rid of Marco, that was all there was to it. Killin’ him myself was out of the questions, too many guys would come after me. It had to look like he was killed doin’ a job.

It had been easy comin’ up with the plan. I only had to convince the club owner that I knew of a guy who was out to get him and the rest had come easy. Gettin’ Marco to buy into my story was the key. Once he did it was no problem to get him to the club and make him start that fake fight and talk crap about the club so the owner would believe my story.

When I called him the next day and told him the guy he had thrown out was gunning for him, and was gonna come there the next night to kill him I knew he’d be ready for Marco. My friend who worked at the club had told me awhile back how paranoid he was anyway, on account of he did way too much coke. The plan had all fallen into place from there.

I made a silent toast to Petey and reflected on what I had always told Marco. I always stick around until the last dog is hung.


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