Neon Hula Hustle – Part 3

un-jakeKai was a star in this room, that much became apparent right away. Everyone called out to them as they weaved their way through the maze of sofas and tables. Kai worked the room like a pro, glad-handing all and sundry. They made their way to a raised area at the back with a plush tuck-and-roll banquet seat in blood red leather upon which sat two of the most beautiful women Sean and Reeve had ever seen. They were both leaving tongue marks on the carpet as they approached with Kai, dumbfounded by their incredible luck.

Kai chuckled at their naivete’ and introduced them to their company when they reached the seating.

“Gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present to you Lailani and Keamora. Please be seated.”

The girls each crooked their fingers at the frat boys and they didn’t need any further encouragement. Reeve soon had Lailani draped over him and Sean was staring dreamily into the bewitching eyes of Keamora, who busied herself running her hands all over him. Kai pulled up a chair opposite and called a waiter over.

“A bottle of champagne and some glasses,” he said without looking up. “Put it on my tab.”

When the glasses were poured Kai offered a toast.

“To Sean and Reeve, my new brudders, and to a grand evening.”

They could barely pull themselves away long enough to toast. Kai watched them for a bit then announced he had some business to attend to and left them to their activities and began circulating. Sean and Reeve continued to get acquainted, Kai forgotten for the moment. During a break for air Lailani ran her fingers through Reeve’s hair.

“So, you guys doing some business with Kai?” She had a mischievous look in her eye and Reeve found it hard to concentrate.

“Business? Um…we just met him on the strip and…”

“Oh. I thought you guys were maybe gonna take the tiki off his hands. Never mind.” She started kissing his neck and Reeve was in heaven. Still, his curiosity was peaked.

“Tiki? What tiki?”

She looked him in the eye and got serious.

“Look, I just thought…oh hell, he’ll be really mad. Just forget I said anything, okay?”

Reeve reassured her. “Hey, it’s okay, I won’t say anything. What’s this about a tiki?”

She bit her lip and looked thoughtful. “Well, you know we’re Hawaiians, right? This is a Hawaiian club.”

Reeve looked around and noticed for the first time that he and Sean were indeed the only white boys in the room.

“Yeah, so?”

“Well, it’s just that Kai has to move this tiki that he, um, came across, and he can’t really sell it to anyone in the community. He said he’d find someone from out of town and just give it to them cheap and…oh, never mind, it’s not important.”

She started kissing him again, and Reeve was getting lost in her perfume, but his mind was ticking just the same. He was about to ask her more questions when Kai returned.

“My brudders! I see you’re getting well acquainted with the ladies. Good deal.”

Keamora came up for air, leaving Sean gasping for breath, and stood up. Lailani stood up too and they announced that a powder room break was in order and off they went, leaving the frat boys wanting for more. When they were gone Kai grinned at them.

“So did ‘ol Kai steer you boys right or what?”

The both grinned hugely.

“Oh yeah,” Reeve offered, “You’re the man Kai.”

He was still thinking about what Lailani had let out of the bag and decided to go for it on impulse.

“Hey Kai, what’s this about a tiki you’re looking to sell?”

Kai’s champagne glass halted halfway to his lips as he locked eyes with Reeve.

Part 4 Tomorrow.

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  1. awesome! my nickname is kai 🙂

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