Neon Hula Hustle – Part 5

un-jakeThe evening wore on and the frat boys wanted to leave with their newfound playmates, which they prepared to do with Kai’s blessing. As they said their goodbyes Kai pulled them aside for a word.

“Listen, about the tiki thing, brudders, like I said, Lailani has a big mouth, eh?”

“We wouldn’t mind talking to you about that tomorrow, my man. We’re in town a couple more days. That is, if you’re cool with that,” Reeve watched Kai’s face for signs of interest, “I mean, we’re cool with it being, you know, not exactly legit.”

Kai nodded and pulled a card out of his shirt pocket.

“Call me tomorrow morning at this number. Meanwhile, have a good time.”

He grinned salaciously at them and blew a kiss to the girls. They all headed for the door and when they were gone Kai got out his phone and made a couple of calls, then finished off the champagne and headed out.

The next morning Kai left his place early to make some arrangements. Everything was going just the way he wanted it to and he needed to make sure everything was in place for what was to come. He was just pulling back in to his driveway when the phone rang.

“Kai. Speak.”

“Hey Kai, my man, what it is?” Reeve sounded like the night had been very good to him indeed. There was giggling in the background. “Can we get together for some brunch?”

“Hey my brudder. Sure, but just the two of you, eh? Tell the girls to go home. There’s a place on the strip called Charlie’s Chuck Wagon. Meet me there in half and hour.”

“Okay, Kai, you got it. Sounds like a classy place.”

“You’ll like it, the food is outstanding. See you there.”

Kai snapped his phone shut and allowed himself a satisfied grin. Bringing in the sheaves, that’s what his father used to call it. Kai had made a good living out of it, but his old man would be appalled, that was for sure. But Kai didn’t care. He had been the black sheep of the family all his life. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it. He chuckled at the thought and went inside to change his clothes for the meet up.

The frat boys were there and seated when he arrived. Good sign, he thought. They’re keen on it already. Sometimes it was almost too easy.

“Hey my brudders. So a good time was had by all last night?”

They grinned sheepishly and nodded in unison.

“Gotta say, Kai, you really are the man. Thanks for hooking us up. I’m glad we met you.”

Sean nodded his agreement to Reeve’s words.

“So what’s good here? You wanna do the ordering?”

Kai nodded. “Yeah, let me take care of it, I know what’s good. You’ll get a good feed here, that’s for sure.”

He called the waiter over and ordered a feast for the table and some fresh squeezed orange juice to start. When the waiter was gone he looked at his new friends and smiled. He didn’t need to say anything, he could see what was on their minds. He let them come to him.

“So, listen, Kai, about that tiki. We’ve got a couple of questions, if you don’t mind.”

Kai spread his palms out on the table face up.

“Go for it, my man. Now that the cat is out of the bag thanks to Lailani’s mouth I might as well be upfront with you. Besides, I like you guys.”

He smiled broadly at them and they beamed back. It was all on.

Part 6 Tomorrow


2 responses to “Neon Hula Hustle – Part 5

  1. That’s good work. I hope that the action that follows will have an harsh edge. Seriously, this is really good work.

    By the way, if you get half a minute why not check out my little flash fiction contest over here in England. Would be great to hear from you.

    Take it easy,


  2. Thanks, Christian. I appreciate the feedback. I’ll check out your contest right now.

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