Neon Hula Hustle – Part 6

un-jakeAs they tucked into the feast Kai had ordered up for them the frat boys made it clear they wanted to know more about the mysterious tiki.

“So you said it was acquired under less than ideal circumstances, we get that, that’s okay. But what’s this thing about a curse? Were you pulling our leg?” Sean didn’t believe in beating around the bush.

“No, I wasn’t. It’s a Hawaiian thing, you guys wouldn’t know about it. Anyway, this healer, we call them kahuna lapa`au, placed a kapu, a curse, on me for receiving the tiki after my main man died. There’s talk in the community about the kahuna having put a death charm on him, but nobody knows for sure. You see, he would never put a curse on the tiki, not this one anyway, because of who the tiki represents, the first man. So he put a curse on me out of anger over the whole thing. He wants me to give him the tiki, but that’s not gonna happen.”

Sean and Reeve nodded and chewed, thinking over what they were hearing. Meanwhile, Kai went on weaving his tale.

“So I decided I just wanna get rid of the tiki, but I can’t go looking for a buyer with the kind of money it’s worth, it would attract to much attention. I’ve been thinking I’ll just sell it for whatever I can get and then hopefully the kahuna will lift the curse when there’s nothing left for him to gain. That’s how those guys think, I’ve been through this sort of thing before.”

He grinned with embarrassment at the last part, and it was clear he didn’t want to elaborate.

“It’s strange you boys happened along and are interested. I guess Lailani having a big mouth may not have been such a bad thing afterall. With that he went back to eating and seemed to have nothing more to say. Brunch continued in silence as the boys thought over the situation. They exchanged glances and finally Sean broke the silence.

“Well look Kai, you say this thing has great big rubies for eyes, and it’s by some big time artist, and it’s worth a quarter of million, eh? So what would you want for it if we wanted to take it off your hands?”

Kai put his fork down and steepled his fingers and appeared to be thinking hard. He looked from Sean to Reeve and from Reeve to Sean a couple of times and then spoke.

“Listen, my brudders, I don’t know if you guys can come up with the kind of money I figure I can get. I can’t hang on to it for a whole lot longer, I need this curse lifted. You guys may not believe in this stuff, but I know what it can do to a man. Besides, a lot of people in the community won’t talk to me now over this whole thing. So, anyway, I’m thinkin’ I gotta get ten percent of the value. It’s only fair. If you guys can’t come up with that kind of money…”

Reeve cut him off. Kai, you’ve got yourself a deal. Of course we’ll have to examine it first. Sean nodded his agreement.

Kai searched their faces and then grinned broadly.

“Ok, my brudders. This is very good news indeed. You know, of course, you’re getting the deal of a lifetime. You’ll need a story for how you got the tiki before you can sell it, but I can help you with that if you like. I can take you to see it when we’re done here. Sound good?”

It sounded very good, and they shook on the deal and tucked back into brunch with gusto.

Part 7 Tomorro


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