The Writer – Part 5

writerGodlessmonkey will be away from the computer for a month on a much needed holiday. While I’m gone I’m rerunning some of my multi-part stories for the benefit of those who might not have read them the first time around or would like to read them again. I’ll be back with new stories from October 16th. Thank you all for your support.

Ivan stood staring, his mouth hanging open. The stranger continued to grin. Closing the door, he moved to the sofa and sat down without being invited and waved his hand in the direction of Ivan’s favourite recliner.

“Have a seat before you fall down, Ivan.”

Ivan stood there a moment longer staring, then dropped into the recliner and gripped the arms a bit too tightly. “I…you…”.

“Yes, you, Ivan. You brought me to life. I know. Thanks for that, by the way.” His eyes darted around the room, taking in everything, missing nothing. “Nice place”, he said. Been here long?” He draped his arms on the top of the sofa cushions and crossed his legs, looking at Ivan expectantly.

Ivan stared, dumbfounded. “This can’t be happening. It just can’t. Do you even know who you are?” He realized how that sounded, but it was already out his mouth.

The stranger laughed. “Oh, I sure do, Ivan. I’m Randall Hanes. I’m your creation, but now I’m free. I’m here, Ivan. You brought me here. Really, I can’t thank you enough.” He uncrossed his legs and sat forward, putting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands, fixing Ivan with his cool grey eyes. “I have work to do, Ivan. One last job, and then I’m gone. No one will ever find me. It’s going to be good, Ivan. So good.” He laughed a deep, throaty laugh and leaned back into the sofa again.

Ivan’s mind was reeling. He shook his head and tried to reason with himself. “I told her I wanted to be able to do away with people who annoyed me. But you, you’re not real. You don’t annoy me, how could I bring you to life…I just don’t…”

“Ivan, look, I don’t know how it works either. All I know is that yesterday I found myself real. Flesh and blood. I can do what I want to do. What you planned for me. You wrote it, Ivan. I’m going to live it. Simple as that.” He waved his hand as if dismissing the matter.

Ivan sat upright and looked him in the eye. “It’s my story. I can change it. I can…”

“Oh no, Ivan. No you won’t. I won’t let you.” He pulled a gun out of his pocket and waved it around casually. “I’m calling the shots now, so to speak.” He laughed at his little joke. “But I’ll tell you what, I’m not a hardass, Ivan. I can be a real nice guy when I want to be. I’ll take care of things for you before I go, if you like. Anybody you need eliminated?” He raised one eyebrow and stared pointedly.

“What?! No, I mean, no way. I’m not like that. Don’t do anything on my behalf.” Ivan tried to think while he engaged Randall. He couldn’t stay here indefinitely. He’d leave, or he’d fall asleep, and then he could write him out of existence and end this nightmare. Yes, that’s what he’d do. He’d go along for now and then change it all later.

Randall laughed uproariously, breaking Ivan’s thought train. “I know what you’re thinking, Ivan.” He leaned forward again. “But you know what? It won’t work. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I found the gypsy, Ivan. When I came to life, I thought it all through, and I knew I had to find her and make sure you couldn’t sabotage me. You see, Ivan, I’m a resourceful guy. You wrote me that way, remember? So I found her, and I made her change the spell. You can’t affect me now. Not me, and not Lisa.”

He saw the look on Ivan’s face. “Oh yes, she’s alive too. She’s waiting for me now. Write whatever you want, Ivan. You can’t touch us. It won’t work any more. We’re free. Thanks to you.” He got up and headed for the door. “I’ll be back tomorrow. We need to talk some more. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He laughed and closed the door behind him.

Part 6 tomorrow…


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