Calling Doctor Howard – Part 3

crazydoctorGodlessmonkey will be away from the computer for a month on a much needed holiday. While I’m gone I’m rerunning some of my multi-part stories for the benefit of those who might not have read them the first time around or would like to read them again. I’ll be back with new stories from October 16th. Thank you all for your support.

Marvin reached the elevator and felt a sideways shift inside as he rode it down to street level. When he emerged he went straight to a phone booth and looked up the nearest hospital in the phone book. Having no money, he began walking, his mind a tumult of images and thoughts. He must do what was necessary. He was an important surgeon, and his brief was simple. He must seek out those in need of his services and fulfil his Hippocratic oath. There were medical procedures to be performed and he was the man for the job.

Reaching the intersection he was looking for he gazed at the entrance to the hospital. In large letters it stated Mercy Hospital. This was the place, for he was a man of mercy and his services were urgently needed. He climbed the stairs and went to the directory on the wall. Pre-op was on the third floor. He rode the elevator up and walked the halls until he found the room with the surgical gowns and gloves he needed. He went to the restroom and affected the change, depositing his unneeded clothing in the waste bin.

He moved along the ward until he came to the examining rooms. Finding a patient in one of them in a gown, he walked in with authority and introduced himself.

“Hello. I’m Doctor Stevens. How are we today?” He picked up the chart at the end of the bed and read studiously as the patient looked him over.

“I’ve been better doctor. Are you the surgeon who’ll be doing my procedure tomorrow?”

“I am if you’d like me to be Mr. Johnson. I’m here to help. That’s what I do.” Marvin beamed at the patient and waited for a response.

“Well…I didn’t know I had a choice. I guess…I mean, if you’re the man for the job, then…” he trailed off in confusion.

Marvin moved closer and placed his hand on the patient’s shoulder. “Mr. Johnson, don’t you worry about a thing. You’re in good hands. This operation is going to save your life, you can count on it.”

Mr. Johnson’s eyes widened in alarm. “Save my life? I didn’t know it was that serious. They said it was just a kidney stone…you mean…?”

Marvin nodded his head. “Those little devils can be pretty pesky, Mr. Johnson. You never know when they might just slip from the kidney to the ureter and block off the flow.” He shook his head and then slammed the chart down abruptly on the counter.

“But we’re not going to let that happen! We’ll go in there and blast that little devil, that’s what we’ll do! We’re going to show it whose boss!”

Mr. Johnson was cringing on the corner of the bed now. “I think I’d like to go back to my ward now…that is, if you don’t mind.”

Marvin nodded his head briskly. “Of course, you do that. Get some rest. We’ll see you in the morning. Don’t you worry about a thing.”

Marvin indicated the door. “Off you go now. And don’t you be pinching any nurses, you hear?” He winked conspiratorially and smiled with satisfaction as Mr. Johnson scurried from the room. God it was good to be a man of medicine he thought to himself.

Tomorrow, Part 4


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