horrorHello all.

Godless monkey has returned from his planetary wandering and I will be presenting new fiction again. It was a wonderful trip, but I’m glad to be back. I began writing my first novel while I was away and I look forward to the long road ahead in writing it. Meanwhile I’ve written a bit of extreme flash fiction, which is loosely defined as a short story of 300 words or less, no easy feat. I hope you enjoy it.


Rounding the corner I very nearly lost my footing and could almost swear I felt it’s hot breath at my back, spurring me on. I ran for all I was worth, feeling as though my lungs would burst, the sulphurous air permeating my blood faster and faster with every painful lung full.

The street was a minefield of putrid meat and the cast off debris of miserable lives wasted in this hell hole that I had come to unbidden and clueless, only to find myself pursued by a nameless horror of unspeakable ugliness gnashing it’s misshapen mouth of hideous fangs dripping with acid saliva, it’s savage howls torturing my ears.

In vain I searched for a door or something to hide behind every time I had put enough distance between myself and my pursuer, only to see it appear again forcing me to take flight once more, my legs screaming in protest.

I looked up at the sky as I ran and then looked down and away from the blood red swirls of smoke that formed themselves into grotesque scenes of vile depravity too horrible to contemplate. On I ran, never daring to wonder how I had come to this desperate predicament or how it would end.

Suddenly a lamppost appeared in my path and as I swerved to avoid it I tripped on an unseen object and went facedown in the vile muck on the sidewalk. I heard the beast chortle with glee and closed my eyes against its inevitable approach.

I sat bolt upright in bed, cold sweat permeating my nightwear. As I lay back down and tried to go back to sleep I made a mental note that anchovy pizza and late night reruns of Twilight Zone were probably a bad idea.


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