The Apostate And The Djinni – Part 7 – The End

djinncaveAmir tossed and turned all through the night, his dreams tormenting him, and yet he could remember no details upon waking the next morning. Taking a long hot shower he tried to wash away his discontent and make a fresh start, but he would only find peace when he had finally faced up to what was at the heart of the discord, of this he felt certain.

He dressed and had breakfast, then sat down and willed himself to get some work done. Surprised that he found comfort in it, and able to focus, he worked several hours non-stop and was well pleased with himself when he finally got up to stretch. He went out on his balcony for some fresh air and there across the street sitting at attention and clearly looking at him was the black dog. He stared at it for several minutes and its gaze never wavered.

He ran inside and put on this shoes and went down to the door and out to the street – only to find that the dog wasn’t there. He looked up and down but the dog was nowhere to be found. He walked down the street and continued looking, but it was nowhere to be found. He walked back, shaking his head and went inside and closed the door. When he got back to his desk he got the shock of his life. There sat Zahira, gazing at him placidly.


“Hello Amir. I’ve decided we should talk now, rather than later. I hope you don’t mind.”

“You…so then you are…”

She got up and walked over to him and placed the tips of her fingers on his lips.

“Amir, listen. I haven’t come for the answer to my question. You’ve been looking at things the wrong way around. It matters not who I am, and the questions in your mind are the wrong ones.”

She sat at the table and bid him to do the same. He sat down as if in a trance and waited for her to continue. She sighed and wrapped up his eyes in hers.

“Believe what your heart and your mind agree on, Amir. That is the right path always. Where there is a conflict, do not look outward, but inward. There the answer lies at all times. You will not find it by seeking. You will find it by being still. Do you understand?”

He nodded his head slowly.

“But…if you are…”

She shook her head.

“Do not be distracted. You are right; we did not meet by chance. But that is unimportant. Listen carefully; do not wonder what I can grant you, rather, ask yourself what you may grant.”

All at once a rush of realization hit him and he put his elbows on the table and dropped his face into his hands. He felt as though a bright light had burst forth in a sea of darkness and a serenity he could never have conceived of before came over him. He heard her speak again in the midst of the revelation.

“It is good to know joy, is it not?”

When he looked up she was gone.


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