Things Always Change – Part 5

view-from-the-beach-barThat left me speechless for a few moments. Breathless too. I’m not sure what I had expected, shock, outrage, I don’t know. I’d had too much wine. It occurred to me that it was the same way I’d gotten in to all this in the first place. I filed that mentally for later examination.

She reached across the table and put her hand over mine. Told me our future was what mattered most, and that I was right, Mel had conned me. Then she went back to eating her dinner as if nothing had happened. It was then that I got an inkling of what was to come. I tried not to read too much into it, but I’ve always been sharp and this wasn’t going to go away. I said nothing but added it to my mental file.

Over the next couple of weeks I ran through many scenarios about how to achieve my ends. In the end I decided a gun was the only reasonable option for doing the deed. I had no idea about how to acquire one on the sly, so that became my next goal. I certainly couldn’t just go buy one in a shop and register it. It also raised the question of where to do the deed. Guns make a lot of noise and that needed to be taken into consideration. Next was the matter of the body.

I decided that if I did it late at night and made it look like a burglary gone awry then disposing of the body would no longer be a consideration. Since Anne was now in on things she would be my alibi. I was home asleep when it happened. Details needed attending to, but it seemed like the best way handle things. I would still be under suspicion since I was his business partner, but as long I was careful not to leave any DNA at the scene and disposed of the gun carefully there would be nothing to link me to the crime. With him having no immediate next of kin, the business would be all mine free and clear. It was a good plan.

I let the idea settle in my mind for a while, there was no hurry after all, and I wanted to get it right. Everything was riding on it. Anne didn’t pry too much. She asked me once in a while if I had a plan yet and I just told her it was coming along and that was that. Well, except that little niggle at the back of my mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling that she had been too casual when I had dropped the bomb at dinner. The problem was I couldn’t decide what to make of it, I only knew it didn’t sit well and there was something I should be considering.

I thought about it more and more in the days that followed. I was working from home one day when the pieces all fell into place. It hit me like a brick and while I’ve always kept in mind that things always change, I wasn’t quite prepared for what happened. I reached for my cell phone to make a call and realized as I went to punch in the number that I had Anne’s phone instead of mine. They’re similar, so it didn’t click right away. I realized she must have grabbed mine on her way out the door by accident.

I had a tingling sensation in my scalp that told me this was a defining moment. I’m not a nosy person, but I decided to have a look at her contacts and see what text messages she’d been sending. That’s when I got a huge shock. Anne was having an affair with Mel. My world went black.


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