Things Always Change – Part 6

view-from-the-beach-barI sat back and breathed deep to calm myself. I had to get on top of this. The woman I loved wasn’t who I thought she was. Worse than that, I had told her I was planning on killing Mel. As serious a blow as the whole thing was, I resolved then and there to get on top of things. The question was where to go next.

I had known something wasn’t right about the way she’d reacted when I told her of my plan. Thinking it through I realized that her telling me I had made the right decision meant she wasn’t planning a future with him. That led to the conclusion that she was using both of us. It was all about the money. It occurred to me that Mel might very well be planning to kill me, quite possibly with Anne’s help. What a blow. So if she was such a treacherous bitch, then ultimately she must want it all for herself. Since she wanted to marry me I surmised that the plan was to get me to marry her before I carried out the murder, then making certain I went down for it, leaving her with everything. So why sleep with Mel? That part could have any number of reasons, but really, it didn’t matter anymore. I was still hurting over her, but I would get over it.

I put her phone back where I found it when I thought it was mine so that she wouldn’t have any reason to think I was on to her. I needed to lay low and remain calm until I had confirmation of her plan. When she came home she looked agitated, and I knew what it was all about. I watched as she found her phone, picked it up and examined it, then put mine in its place and put hers in her purse.

She came and greeted me and asked about my day, feigning good humour. I told her it had been relaxed and that I felt good. She studied my face and seemed to buy that nothing was amiss. That night over dinner I got the confirmation I knew had to come. She brought up the wedding again, saying she had been thinking things over, and that we should move ahead with our plans right away.

Toying with her, I mentioned that doing away with Mel first might be a better idea. She replied that if we did that then we wouldn’t be able to go ahead with the wedding for a while to avoid bringing undue suspicion on me. It was a good play; there was nothing I could say to refute it. I let the matter drop and thought some more about what was happening. Clearly her plan was make sure I went down for the killing, and she needed to be sure she would get everything once I was out of the way. I couldn’t believe this was the woman I had fallen in love with. It had all been one big scam. She’d spotted a couple of rich drunk guys that night and set about looking for a way to fleece us. It was almost more than I could bear.

The next morning I kissed her goodbye and told her to have a great day. When she was gone I sat down to think things through. It really didn’t take long to come up with a new plan, or rather, a new twist on my existing plan. One that would tie up all the loose ends and put an end to the treachery once and for all.


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