Things Always Change – Part 7

view-from-the-beach-barStep one was to acquire the gun. I remembered a guy I had known in college who was really into such things. He had a penchant for collecting guns and taking them apart and making new ones. He was very much against gun laws. I did some online searching and found out where he was living. I got hold of his phone number and gave him a call on the pretext of having run into someone we had both known and just wanting to catch up. He was happy to hear from me.

I engaged him in small talk for a while then told him there had been some burglaries in my neighbourhood and I had been thinking about getting a gun, but that I didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting a permit and dealing with the wait period. He was enthusiastic right away. Told me he had guns on hand that he had built and I could have one if I liked. I told him I would pay him and we arranged a meeting. It was perfect. So now I had an unregistered, untraceable gun.

When Anne got home I told her I had been thinking a lot about our plans and that I thought we should get married as soon as possible. She seemed surprised but happy. I told I didn’t want a big ceremony since we didn’t have family around anyway and it would be more romantic if we kept it small and simple. She agreed right away, as I knew she would. Two weeks later we had a small ceremony on a beautiful beach with just our immediate friends around us. I kept an eye on Mel to see how he was reacting and to his credit he gave away nothing. I noticed that Anne studiously avoided making eye contact with him most of the time. The whole thing was strange. Mel couldn’t wait even an hour after the ceremony to remind me of the bet and I took great satisfaction handing over a check for a quarter of a million knowing it was all going to come back to me soon enough. The business would be all mine and I would be repaid ten fold. He seemed to make an effort not to gloat too much. Anne was grinning as it all took place. I just knew what she was thinking.

I had to let a couple of months go by before I could make my next move. It only made sense, and I didn’t mind the wait. I managed to get to Anne’s phone one more time while she was in the shower, and sure enough they were still seeing each other on the sly. It only strengthened my resolve to carry out my plan. I couldn’t believe they were stupid enough to be texting each other, but so many people make that mistake.

In the weeks after the wedding she brought up the plan a couple of times, and I told her I would do it soon, we just needed to wait a bit. She seemed a bit worried by that and I could only imagine it was because she thought I might not go through with it. Meanwhile I was worried that Mel might have plans for me now that I had paid off the bet, but I was keeping my eyes open all the time.

One morning I woke up and just knew it was time to finalize matters. It was really bothering me that Anne and Mel were making a fool of me behind my back and I was growing restless. I decided I would do it that week.


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