Things Always Change – Part 8- The End

view-from-the-beach-barMel had been absent from the office a lot the last few months and I didn’t need to be a genius to figure out that at least part of that time was being spent with Anne. One day I heard him tell his assistant that he wouldn’t be in the next morning, so I decided to follow Anne when she left that morning and see if maybe I could get lucky. Sure enough, she drove straight to his place. It was that simple. I went straight to the office as soon as I was certain where they were and told my assistant that I had a lot of stuff to do and I didn’t want to be disturbed at all, not phone calls or anything. I went in my office and drew the blinds, then let myself out the window and made my way to my car making sure I hadn’t been seen.

I got in the car and put on some latex gloves and took the gun out of the glove box and made sure it was loaded and ready. I drove to Mel’s place and parked where my car wouldn’t be noticed and waited. Anne was still there, as I knew she would be. It was simply a waiting game. I grinned to myself thinking about how clever my plan was. When I had gotten the gun and thought things through I had told Anne I had it and asked if she’d like to see it. Fortunately she said yes, and I had shown it to her, being careful to handle it by the trigger guard. She took it in her hand and looked it over, even touching the barrel. It was perfect. When I took it back I was careful to remove any prints I might have left so that only hers where on it.

A long hour later she left his place. It was show time, and I admit I had butterflies, but I was determined to make this thing happen. I took the gun out again and walked up to his front door and rang the bell. The minute he answered I put the gun in his face and forced him inside. The look on his face was priceless. He knew right away that I was on to him and Anne. He begged for his life, oh yes he did. I didn’t waste time. I told him I knew he had conned me on the bet, I told him I knew about Anne, and I told him nobody, but nobody plays me for a fool. Then I shot him right in the heart. Twice to be sure he was dead. I’d never seen so much blood.

My head was pounding and my ears were ringing as I left. I stayed close to the bushes and made sure nobody was watching. It was a quiet street and everyone was at work. The whole thing went perfectly. I threw the gun into the bushes at the bottom of the drive, with only Anne’s prints on it. It was a brilliant plan. She had no alibi because she had left only minutes before he died. Of course the police found the gun, and the investigation turned up the fact that they were having an affair.

My final brilliant touch was the letter I had forged from him to her blackmailing her about their affair. It all went smooth as could be. Of course she told the police it was my doing, even told them about the gun, but all the evidence pointed to her. Anne’s doing 20 to life now, and I got a divorce with ease. I’m sure she hates me, but what can I say? I waited awhile and sold the business for more than I had ever dreamed I could and so now here I am on a beach in Cuba, which has not extradition treaty with the U.S., so even if the truth ever came out I’m home free.

So like I said, I’ve always kept in mind that things always change. That’s why I’m where I am and they’re where they are.

The End


2 responses to “Things Always Change – Part 8- The End

  1. Good story! Too bad I read the last chapter first, but it’s made me want to go back and read the whole thing.

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