Inside Marion’s Head – Part 1

marionMarion let out a loud gasp as his hero, Glenn Beck announced that The President would give a special news conference at six o’clock. He felt his gorge rising for the umpteenth time that day at the thought of what Obama might have to say that was so important he would pre-empt the evening newscast.

He moved about the house performing his routine tasks, but he couldn’t focus on anything properly knowing that something monumentally horrid was coming at evening news time. It had to be monumentally horrid, didn’t it? Whenever that…person went on television it was a disaster in the making. How could it be otherwise? He was a know-nothing commie, pinko, Muslim, liberty-hating, let’s-destroy-America-any-way-we-can monster with a massive ego, that’s what he was. It had been a black year for America in more ways that one, and that was for certain. Everyone knew it was true. Marion made sure of it.

He made numerous phone calls and put the word out by every means available to him, making sure real Americans knew something was coming. He speculated with those closest to him what the latest sinister move might be by the snake occupying the White House. He called up a talkback station and had his say.

“Now more than ever the Tea Party must press forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom! Let’s get those dummycrats out of power once and for all. Decent Americans are depending on us.”

He hung up the phone with deep satisfaction. Having his say always calmed his nerves. For a little while, anyway. He was revelling in the memory of his brilliant oratory when he heard the dreaded sound. Racing to the window he threw back the curtains and craned his neck, searching the sky. There it was! A black helicopter was moving slowly above his street. He could almost make out the evildoers peering at his house through high-powered binoculars. He shook his fist in rage and watched as the bird moved off out of his line of sight.

He went to his computer and looked up the surveillance file he kept. There it was – Covert Commie Activities. He made a note of the time and details of the fly-over then began searching for fresh blog posts and articles from true patriots. Grim satisfaction and steely resolve enveloped him for several hours.

At last six o’clock rolled around and he turned on the television and sat down with a beer, his mouth set in a firm line. All at once The Obamanation came on, his grinning skull beaming at the cameras. He said nothing at first, but then he dropped the smile and as he began talking Marion sat bolt upright and crushed his beer can in his fist. He simply couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Good evening my fellow comrades. I have an announcement to make. In the interest of all I have, this day, suspended the Constitution of the United States of America. Our new manifesto will be laid out forthwith, and we shall henceforth be known as The People’s Republic of America. I have dispatched special forces to round up known troublemakers in order that all good law-abiding Americans can get on with their lives…”

Marion jumped in his seat as he heard heavy footsteps coming up his walkway. The pounding on the door that immediately followed caused an icy chill to grip his heart. His worst fears had come to life.

Marion screamed and sat up quickly in bed. His heart was racing a mile a minute and he stared about wildly. He willed himself to calm down and sighed. The same damn nightmare, night after night. He got up and went to the bathroom to take a leak. Laying back down he stared at the ceiling for a long time before he drifted off the sleep again.

Part 2 tomorrow.


3 responses to “Inside Marion’s Head – Part 1

  1. LMAO but you left out the part in my satire piece “Obama’s new America, where Obama dismisses both houses of Congress and has himself appointed for life as ambassador to the UN to represent the interests of the American Nation state in the Global Union of Socialist States

    • Glad you like it. You keep me amused too. But I do have him renaming the country The People’s Republic of America and confiscating all guns. I thought the black helicopters were a nice touch too, no?

  2. Yeah that was cool, I like my recipe better…I call it A stew for the Destruction of America.

    Obama, steeped in Communist ideology by his mentor Frank Marshal Davis
    Obama, stewed in Marxism by radical professors he sought out while in college.
    Obama, simmered in the corrupt cesspool of Chicago politics

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