In The Dark – Part 2

Theo was at a loss. All he wanted to do was get out of wherever the hell they were but he knew they had to remain calm to do that. He felt the need to keep talking.

“I’m Theo. What’s your name?”

“Elaine. Look, I’m really scared. What’s happening here? I hate the dark and where did my clothes get to? This can’t be happening, it just can’t.”

Her voice was rising and Theo reached out squeezed her arm. Panic would only work against them.

“I don’t know any more than you do. I just woke up and…here we are. I’m trying to remember where I was before this. I think I must have been in an accident. My arm and my leg hurt and…”

Theo reached up and rubbed his head and a new horror dawned on him.

“Oh my God. My head’s been shaved! I have no hair.”

He put his hands on his face and found that his eyebrows were gone also. Wondering if he was completely denuded he reached down and discovered that he was.

“I…I have no hair anywhere on my body. Oh my…”

Elaine let out a loud gasp and Theo surmised the same was true for her.

“I just don’t know if I can take this. It’s bad enough my clothes are gone, but who in the hell shaved all my hair off. This is a nightmare.”

She began sobbing, the words coming in fits and starts. Theo felt his mind starting to slip and he slapped himself back into coherence.

“All right, look, we have to think. We have to try to be calm and think. We can figure this out. Do you have any idea where you were? The last place you remember being before you woke up here?”

“I remember being at a club with my friend Marta. We went out for a couple of drinks. She left with this guy she met and I decided to finish my drink and…wait…there was this guy, he started talking to me…that’s the last think I remember.”

Alarm bells went off in Theo’s mind. It all came back to him. He had been at a club also. Hoping to get lucky. Not much was happening and a man had sat down next to him and started talking to him.

“Do you remember what the guy looked like?”

“He was tall and thin. Black hair. Nice smile. I think he had blue eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket. Why, you think he had something to do with this?”

“Yes. I sure do. The man you just described, I talked to someone exactly like that. It’s the last thing I remember. It all came back to me as you were talking. What was the name of the club you were at?”

Theo spoke at the same time she did and knew she felt the same horror he was feeling.

“The Alibi club.”

“Oh my god. Then we have been abducted. But where the hell are we? Why did he put us in this…whatever this is? Why are we shaved? We have to get out of here. We have to.”

She was getting hysterical again. Theo reached out and grabbed her with both hands and shook her.

“Stay with me, don’t panic. Do you hear me? If we panic we’re lost. We have to find the door. There has to be a door. Come on, take my hand. We’ll move together. We have to find a wall and start from there.”

Together they got to their feet and began moving slowly across the cold metal floor.

Tomorrow, Part 3


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