In The Dark – Part 3

They moved with caution straight ahead from where they stood and came to a smooth metal wall only a few steps later. Theo ran his hand up and down it but found nothing.

“Okay, this is a wall. We’ll move right and count our steps. We should reach a corner if this place is square or rectangular. With any luck we’ll come to a door though.”

Elaine said nothing but gripped Theo’s hand a bit harder as they moved again, Theo keeping his left hand on the wall. A few more steps and he found a corner. They continued on and Theo counted again as they moved along the new wall. Again, it didn’t take long to reach another corner with still no sign of a door. At last Theo had accounted for all four walls of what was clearly a large square space composed entirely of metal with no apparent exit.

He pulled Elaine down to a sitting position again and patted her arm reassuringly.

“There doesn’t seem to be a door, but there has to be. Two of the adjacent seams felt slightly different to the other two. I’m guessing it’s some sort of hydraulic door that folds down. We got in here somehow so there has to be a way out. Elaine began sobbing again and Theo couldn’t blame her. He was once again on the verge of panic and was fighting it as best he could, hoping it wasn’t coming through in his voice.

“Look, it’s not that large a space. Surely whoever put us here will come back and…well, I don’t know, but I can’t imagine why someone would lock us up here in the dark. Or why they shaved us, but…”

He realized what he was saying wasn’t coming out as encouraging and trailed off. Elaine continued to sob. Theo got up and began pounding on the nearest wall. There was no sound other than the dull thud of his hand against the metal. The walls were thick and solid. He stopped and rested his head against it and as he stood there he thought he could feel it getting ever so slightly warmer. He touched it with his palm but couldn’t be certain. He moved back to where he could hear Elaine and sat down again.

He thought hard about being in the club. So they had both been there and they had both encountered the same man. Why couldn’t he remember any details about what had happened there? He became aware of a metallic taste at the back of his throat and how groggy he felt even though they had been awake for more than an hour now. He decided they must have been drugged. That’s how they got here and probably why they couldn’t remember much. They weren’t supposed to.

“Elaine, what exactly do you remember about the man you talked to?”

“Nothing really. He sat down and we talked, but I don’t remember…wait, he bought me a drink. He went to the bar and brought back drinks. Oh shit, I was drugged, wasn’t I?”

“I’m afraid so. It comes back to me now, I went to the restroom while he was at the table and left my beer unattended. I can’t believe I did that.”

So they had been abducted and now they were in some sort of metal room naked and shaved. There was no way around it being anything but a nightmare and Theo could feel the panic rising to fresh heights. He let out a sigh and Elaine went back to quietly sobbing. They could only sit and wait to find out their fate.

Tomorrow, Part 4

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