Red Light Requiem – Part 2

Mazza was definitely peckish so Baz suggested Indian. There was a place that had just opened near Ponsonby Road so they headed west. It was still quiet on the strip and even the straight hookers weren’t out in force yet. They got the usual haughty looks from the ones who were but they were so used to it they didn’t even notice.

Baz pulled up short at the window of an Op shop to eyeball a hat he fancied but Mazza grabbed his arm and pulled him along. He was just dying for some pakoras and chapati. There would be plenty of time for window-shopping later on in between tricks.

“Honestly, you can be such a bitch sometimes. Don’t you think that hat was just to die for?”

“Honey, the hat will still be there after dinner. I need to eat.”

A couple of wasted merchant marines looked them over as they passed and Baz flirted with one of them just for a giggle. Mazza just shook his head and carried on. Baz shrugged his shoulders and pouted.

“Oh, c’mon, he was kinda cute. Probably doesn’t have the money though.”

“Money or no money I’m not doing anything until I eat. We’re almost there anyway.”

They got to the restaurant and looked at the menu in the glass. It was the usual northern Indian fare but the prices were good so they went in and sat down at a window table. A young woman in a sari came with water and menus and they made their selections and gazed out at the traffic going by while they waited.

As they talked about the decor and other trivialities Mazza noticed a Porsche 550 Spyder pull up and park in front of the restaurant. He looked at Baz.

“Wow, get a load of that. Isn’t that the sort of car James Dean died in? Wouldn’t it be something if the driver looked like him?”

Baz chuckled and then stopped and put his hand over his mouth as the driver got out of the car. Mazza looked out the window and had to pick his jaw up off the table. The owner of the car was a dead ringer for the late actor. He noticed them staring and smiled at Mazza as he locked the door. He headed down the street and then looked over his shoulder briefly and smiled at Mazza again and then he was gone.

“Oh my god! Did he just give you a look or what? Girl, I told you that frock was gonna do you right tonight.”

Mazza blushed and looked down.

“Yeah right. He was just having a laugh. Where’s our food? I’m so hungry I could eat a horse.”

“I wouldn’t say that in a place like this girlfriend.”

Mazza laughed and a few seconds later the girl in the sari appeared with their food. They tucked in with gusto and slagged off the people passing by to entertain themselves. Some hoons walking by gave them a one-finger salute but Baz just rolled his eyes at them while Mazza laughed. It was just another night on K’Road and the night was still young.

Full and satisfied they headed back eastward, Mazza looking around as they did. Baz had a fair idea what Mazza was looking for but asked anyway.

“Oh, nothing in particular, just looking.”

“Honey, if James Dean wants you he’ll find you. Trust me on this.”

Mazza punched him in the arm good-naturedly and they reached their usual corners and set about the business of the night. There was rent to be paid and money didn’t grow on trees.

Part 3 Tomorrow


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