Red Light Requiem – Part 3

Monday nights were usually slow and this one was no exception. Feeling restless, Mazza walked around and did some people watching while he eyed up potential customers. Terminal boredom was looming when he spotted a middle-aged guy looking very out of place and more than a little inebriated making a beeline for him.

“Hey there girlie, how’s the night life going?”

“Not too bad handsome. How’s it by you?”

The punter looked around to make sure he wasn’t being watched and then leered at Mazza.

“I’m a little horny, that’s how it is by me. What’s a good time gonna cost me?”

“Well that depends on what you want sugar. Is your car nearby?”

The drunk waved towards the nearest corner and Mazza put his arm through the man’s arm and they strolled around the corner and got in the car. Afterwards Mazza walked back to his corner and waved to Baz to let him know everything was all right. He had left the john to sleep it off behind the wheel after talking him out of driving away.

Baz disappeared soon after and Mazza sat down on a concrete bench and buffed his nails while he waited to see what else the night would bring. A bunch of twenty-something guys tumbled out of the Las Vegas strip club a short time later looking worse for wear. Mazza thought about moving but he was tired of always having to think about such things. Hopefully they weren’t in trouble mode.

A couple of them eyed him up as they went past and he was sure they knew he had the same plumbing they did. One of them smirked at him and Mazza wanted to flip him off but knew it would end badly so he pretended not to notice. They spotted another strip joint and he was soon forgotten, much to his relief.

Baz reappeared but was soon gone again. Mazza sighed and started walking again. He needed a couple of more to make the night work out. Rent was due soon. As he looked but didn’t really see the contents of a window display he noticed the reflection in the window of someone watching him. He turned casually and walked a few steps before glancing at his admirer. The guy was around his age. He looked straight and not really like he’d been on the booze so he was surprised by the attention. He decided maybe it was a case of bi-curious and waited to be approached. It usually didn’t work out if he approached this sort.

The guy thrust his hands in his pocket and started milling around. Definitely interested. He waited until no one was walking by and slowly approached.

“Hi. Nice night, eh?”

Mazza stifled a giggle. How unoriginal. Oh well, a gig was gig. He smiled his best come hither smile.

“Sure is. Looking to make it better?”

“Um…yeah, I guess so. I don’t really…that is, my car is around the corner. If you wanna…”

“Sure, sugar. Lead on.”

They got in the car and it was clear the guy was nervous as hell and didn’t know what he was doing. Mazza offered the usual and the guy hesitated and then looked out the window as he spoke.

“Um, I want some pussy, you know? Haven’t had any for a while.”

Mazza hated these moments, but it went with the job.

“Look sweetheart, I thought you knew what you were dealing with. It’s not that way. I don’t have one of those, you dig? Doesn’t mean we can’t have good time though.”

The man sat bolt upright and turned beet red.

“What?! You mean you’re a goddamn…why you…”

His fist flew with a speed Mazza had never seen before. The guy was on top of him in a flash and he was about to get the beating of a lifetime when suddenly the guy went flying backwards out of the car. Mazza looked on in shock and then got a bigger one as James Dean poked his head in the car and smiled.

“You needed some help. Glad to be of service.”

He extended his hand to Mazza.

Part 4 Tomorrow


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