Red Light Requiem – Part 6

Sitting there speechless they each pulled out a bundle of notes and riffled through them. Baz did a cursory count of the number of bundles and his jaw dropped.

“Mazza, there’s at least a million dollars in here, maybe more.”

Mazza stared out the window for a minute then turned back.

“What the hell do think Josh was up to?”

“Josh? His name was Josh? Oh my gawd, is that just too perfect or what? I’ve got the colly wobbles girl. What are we going to do now?”

Mazza started the car and pulled back on to the road. He needed something to do to calm himself down so he could think this through. They drove around in circles for a while in silence.

“Baz, this money belongs to those thugs who killed Josh. It has to.”

“I’m with you, honey.”

“They’re going to looking for it. Do you think they know this car?”

“You said they came in the pub looking for him?”

“I think so. That means they saw the car outside. So they know what he drives.”


“So we’re fucked if they see this car.”

Mazza drove to the nearest car park he could think of and pulled inside and parked. He sat thinking for a minute then took a deep breath and looked at Baz.

“Right. We have to leave the car. Let’s wipe down the inside then get out and wipe down the door handles and windows and anything else we might have touched. The police will be looking for this thing and it won’t take them long to find it.”

“What are we going to do with the money?”

Mazza laughed and then put his hand over this mouth.

“We’re going to take it with us. You want to leave a million dollars in the car and walk away?”

They wiped down the car and walked down to the street. Looking around cautiously they headed for a nearby hotel where they could get a cab. On the way back to K’Road they didn’t have much to say, they just kept grinning at each other like school kids with a big secret. Walking up the stairs to the apartment they were feeling giddy and light – until they got to the door and found it had been kicked in. They entered cautiously only to find the place had been turned upside down. It looked like a cyclone had hit it, everything breakable was broken and clothes were strewn everywhere. They looked at each other in horror.

“Baz, we’d better get out of here. This is a nightmare. How’d they find out where I live so fast?”

“I don’t know, honey, but we don’t want to be here if they come back. Let’s just get out of here now.”

They ran back down the stairs and out on to the street. Walking aimlessly, looking over their shoulders they had no idea where to go or what to do. They were about to cross the street when they were accosted by a trannie they knew.

“Hey girls, where you been? People are looking for you Mazza.”

“Hi Trudy. Who’s looking for me, what do you mean?”

“Oh girl, two hunky studs were walking around the street asking where you could be found. I think they were hot for some action, you know?”

Trudy winked and giggled.

“Um, Trudy, did you tell them where I lived?”

“Wasn’t I supposed to? I mean, they said they had something for you. I hope I didn’t do the wrong thing.”

Mazza bit his lip while Baz walked over and kicked a lamppost.

“It’s okay honey. Listen, if anyone else asks you haven’t seen us, okay? Please?”

“Sure, baby, whatever you say. What’s going on?”

“Nothing Trudy. Everything is fine.”

Part 7 Tomorrow


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