Red Light Requiem- Part 7

They started to head away but Mazza turned back as he had a thought.

“Trudy, do you have my phone number in your contacts?”

Trudy got out her phone and checked.

“Sure do honey, why?”

“Oh, I might give you a call in a day or two. Baz and I are gonna take a little holiday but I’ll stay in touch, okay?”

“Sure thing. Where you going? Any place exciting?”

“Not sure. I’ll give you a call.”

They headed down the street looking for a cab to take them away from danger. Baz was jumpy and Mazza did his best to reassure him it would all be fine, they would manage somehow. They caught a cab and headed downtown to Fort Street. Mazza got it in to his head that they should hole up at a backpackers for the night and think things through and Baz thought it was a good idea. They checked in to a likely looking place and then went for some food.

Sitting in a Japanese place on Customs Street they looked out the window and picked at their food. Neither was hungry, but they needed distraction. Baz finally broke the silence.

“Mazza, this is insane. We’ve got at least a million dollars up in that room, nowhere to live and we can’t go home. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know. I didn’t ask for this. He came and found me. Speaking of that, why do you suppose he did? He must have seen me on the street and followed us to that guy’s car. He wanted to talk to me about something, Baz. Now I’ll never know what it was. Why did they kill him? What was he doing with that money?”

Mazza put his head in his hands and started to cry. Baz moved across and sat next to him to comfort him which drew stares from the people at the tables around them who weren’t too sure about a couple of transvestites being there in the first place and were even more alarmed at one of them holding the other. Baz gave them a look and they went back to eating their food.

They finished eating and went back up to the room. They talked some more but couldn’t decide what to do and figured sleeping on it might be a good idea. Baz thought maybe they should count the money and see exactly what was there so he got the bag from under the bed and opened it and dumped the contents on the bed. The bundles of notes spread out in a pile and Mazza noticed an envelope sticking out of the middle of it all.

They looked at each other and Mazza reached for it and tore it open. He read a few lines and as he did his eyes got wide and his mouth fell open. It was addressed to him and it was from his father. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. Baz got frantic when he saw the look on Mazza’s face and demanded to know what was going on.

“Oh my gawd, Baz. Josh was my father’s employee. My father is dead. He…he knew he was dying and he asked Josh to find me and give me this money. It’s mine, Baz!”

“What the hell are you talking about Mazza? You said your father was a dairy farmer. What was he doing with a million in cash? Why didn’t he just leave it to you in his will?”

Mazza read the rest of the letter and then put it down and was silent for a long moment. Finally he looked up at Baz.

“I guess I never really knew him Baz. This is some strange shit. You’re not gonna believe this.”

Tomorrow, Part 8


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