Red Light Requiem – Part 9

Baz didn’t have to ask what was going on. He knew from the things Mazza had said. He sat down on the kerb too and they were silent for several minutes. Mazza was deep in thought.

“They want the money. Midnight at Victoria statue in Albert Park.”

“They’re going to kill us if we go there Mazza.”

“I know. They’re going to kill Trudy if we don’t. They said they’d…”

He couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence. Baz squeezed his arm. Mazza stood up and took out his phone.

“Who you calling honey?”

“Remember how I told you about my father trying to make a man of me when I was young? He used to make me learn things. I always thought it was all for nothing, but maybe not. Do you remember the name of that Mongrel Mob guy who used to come around when he was shitfaced and take a walk on the wild side? The one who said he’d kill us if we ever told anyone his secret?”

Baz grinned. How do you forget someone like that?

“You mean Alvin? Sure do. What a nutcase that one is. Why, what are you thinking? He’s not going to help us.”

“No, but he can get weapons on the sly. He told me if I ever needed anything to call him. I have his number in my contacts somewhere. Here it is. I never thought I’d need it.”

“Mazza, oh shit. What are you going to do? This is crazy girl!”

Mazza put the phone down for a minute.

“Baz, we have to end this. They’re going to kill Trudy and I can’t live with that on my conscious. I know what I’m doing. My father taught me…well, things. Things I’ve always wanted to forget. But I haven’t forgotten, and now I’m glad.”

Mazza made the call and Alvin answered on the third ring. The conversation was short and sweet. With the promise of ready cash he was more than willing to provide the hardware. A meeting was arranged and Mazza put the phone away with satisfaction.

They went back to the room and Mazza sat Baz down and told him the whole story about his youth. How his father had spent his time away from New Zealand as a young man sowing his wild oats by becoming a mercenary for a couple of years. He was always proud of the skills he had acquired even though he knew he would always return to New Zealand and settle down. When he first began to suspect his son wasn’t as “manly” as he would have liked he had taken him out in the bush from time to time and taught him the skills he had learned in his time away in the hopes of toughening him up. It had ended in tears many times but Mazza had learned well all the same.

They took a cab to the address Alvin had given them, an abandoned warehouse in South Auckland. He seemed pleased to see them and didn’t ask questions about what they needed the hardware for. This was business, pure and simple. Baz was shocked at what they were buying. He had no idea such things could be had so easily. Alvin drove them to a place where Mazza could try the equipment out and get a feel for it. They parted company a couple of hours later and went back to the room with their newly acquired arsenal.

“Shit, Mazza. Are you really going to do this? This is crazy is what it is. Just plain crazy.”

“It’s going to be okay, Baz. This ends tonight. I promise you.”

Baz layed down and put his hands over his face. It was all a bit much.

Tomorrow, Part 10 – The End


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