Red Light Requiem – Part 10 – The End

Mazza spent the better part of the day reassuring Baz that he could pull off what needed doing and going over with him why it was the only way. The drug dealers were expecting a couple of weak transvestites to show up with their money. They had no way of knowing what was going to go down. They arrived at the park two hours early so that he could scout out an appropriate location and get a line of sight.

Mazza walked all along the tree line in the park and studied the possible approaches before deciding on the best place to hide. He would be able to move from his chosen spot several metres in either direction undetected which would give him a clear line of sight to more than three quarters of the places they might choose to stand when they arrived.

He had purchased a loud hailer so that they could communicate without showing themselves. They couldn’t afford to move into the open. He hoped they would have Trudy’s head covered. It would make things easier.

A few minutes before midnight three figures came in to view along the path to the statue. Sure enough, they had Trudy’s hands tied behind her back and a cloth sack over her head. They were bold as brass, just as Mazza hoped. They moved to a position near the statue and Mazza sighted on the area. It was a clear line of sight. Just what he needed. They stood looking around, one of them with his hand inside his coat. They were ready to eliminate loose ends. That would, of course, include Trudy. Mazza was getting angry.

At midnight he picked up the loud hailer, smiled reasuringly at Baz and then addressed the dealers.

“Looking for something boys?”

They jerked their heads around at the sound of his voice, trying to pinpoint his position.

“Come on out pretty boy. We’ve got your friend here. You got our money?”

“Let her go and I’ll throw the money out to you.”

They laughed in unison.

“You don’t call the shots. Come out with our money right now or I’m gonna put a bullet in her head.”

Mazza heard Trudy cry out. It was time for action.

He picked up a stun grenade and pulled the pin and hurled it out toward the statue. In the darkness they didn’t see it coming and when it hit the ground near them the flash blinded them immediately and the loud noise had them jumping out of their skin. Trudy hit the ground as he hoped she would and he quickly chambered a .300 Winchester Magnum round and sighted on the nearest dealer. He took a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. The bullet caught the dealer in the head and he went straight down. His partner turned to run, but he was still blinded from the stun grenade flash and floundered around helplessly.

Mazza coolly chambered another round and put it right through the middle of his chest. It was all over just like that. They ran down from the tree line and untied a hysterical Trudy and took the bag off her head. Mazza searched them for keys and put them in his pocket. Gathering up all the gear they headed in the direction the trio had come from and found the car they had arrived in. They got out of there as the sound of sirens filled the air. Life was never going to be the same, but at least the nightmare was over.

The End


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