The Pale Dark Rider – Part 6

I stood there rooted to the spot and stared at the ghoul that had so clearly been responsible for the death of that poor man on the yacht. He continued to stand there placidly, just grinning away. No one seemed to take any mind of him whatsoever and I was forced to conclude they couldn’t see him.

Soon the yacht weighed anchor and moved at speed toward the shore. I lost sight of it after a while and trudged back to the hotel feeling more deflated and bewildered than alarmed. It was the third encounter with the pale stranger and at this point I was certain I would not be able to relegate this madness to the depths of my memory ever again.

I resolved to put the matter aside as I dressed for my meeting. My meeting was too important to let anything get in the way and I was quite aware that there was nothing I could do about what I had seen anyway.

I considered it quite an accomplishment that I got through the rest of that day the next without letting my shock encounter have a negative affect on what I had gone there to do. The trip back home was another matter. Everything I had repressed for the sake of productivity come flooding in on me as I sat in my seat with nothing much to distract me.

A fear had begun to wrap me in its icy grip. I had no idea who or what this macabre being was. The old woman he had sat next to seemed quite aware of his presence. The man in the taxi had a look of horror on his face shortly before he died but he had not looked at the pale stranger as far as I knew, so I had no way of knowing if he could see him. The people on the yacht didn’t seem aware of him, at least as far as I could tell. They took no notice of him as their friend choked to death.

So what did all of that tell me? Exactly nothing, there were no clues in any of it. What perplexed me more was why I was witness to these events. It seemed clear from the last two events that he wanted me to see these things happen, but why?

When I returned home my girlfriend sensed something was wrong though I did my best to act natural. I told her the trip had been exhausting and that I was just tense from all the wheeling and dealing and the room service food hadn’t much agreed with me as well.

She seemed dubious but let the matter go, as she was glad to have me home. I was silently grateful to not have to tell her about this latest incident. I needed more time to go over it in my mind. Something momentous was happening but it wasn’t the sort of thing you could just sit down and discuss.

I was quite busy at work the next couple of days and had to force myself to put the matter aside once more. I was becoming quite good at doing that which pleased me no end. I resolved that I would make time that weekend to try to unravel this bizarre mystery.

Tomorrow, Part 7


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