The Smell Of Blood – Part 1

Ellen took the lift down to the ground floor and headed for the exit door trying not to think about what was probably coming next. Construction had been going on for weeks at a site between her office and the bus stop and some of the construction workers were real pigs.

It wasn’t so much the wolf whistles that bothered her as the numbered signs they held up as women passed. It was disgusting, really, being rated on your attractiveness by a bunch of mindless yobs.

She sighed as she headed down the street towards the inevitable gauntlet. Just before she reached the dreaded block her phone rang.


“Hey there Ellen. Are you on the bus yet? Feel like kicking your heels up?”

Ellen stopped in her tracks.

“Hi Anne. Hmm…that sounds tempting. It is Friday, isn’t it? Oh, what the hell, why not. Where should I meet you?”

“How about Flannery’s? You can walk it from work, eh?”

“Sounds perfect. See you there.”

Great, she thought, and headed back the way she had come. So long, troglodytes, you’ll just have to rate somebody else today. The rest of the day was beginning to look up. She felt lighter as she strolled along the few blocks to the pub, stopping to window shop as she went. She made a metal note that a new dress in the department store window just might be worth trying on.

When she got to the pub Anne hadn’t arrive yet so she got a table for two and ordered herself a glass of wine. She took out some notes for a meeting she was chairing the following Monday and began going over them while she waited.

A couple of minutes later she sensed something wasn’t quite right and looked up to see what it might be. She looked around the room but nothing seemed to be amiss. As she looked back down she caught something out of the corner of her eye and glanced up again. A man across the room was checking her out. That’s what she had sensed. She gave him the once over and rejected him out of hand and went back to her notes.

“Hey girl, been her long?”

“Hi Anne. Nope, just a few minutes really. Get yourself a drink.”

She glanced over at the man again as Anne went to the bar and noticed he was still looking at her slyly. She rolled her eyes and made a point of looking away. She really wasn’t in the mood to be hit on. Hopefully the arrival of Anne would discourage him.

Arriving back at the table Anne dropped into her seat and let out a big sigh.

“My god, what a week! I’m so glad it’s over. How was yours?”

“Not too bad. I have a big meeting on Monday so I might have to do a little work over the weekend to prepare, but other than that it’s all good. Thanks for saving me from the construction workers, by the way.”

“They still giving you grief,” Anne chuckled. “How much longer till that building is finished?”

“Looks like at least a couple of weeks. Anyway, now there’s a guy across the room checking me out. Honestly, what’s with men these days?”

“Honey, you’re a hottie. It’s your cross to bear.” Anne laughed aloud as she glanced over at the guy.

“I see what you mean. He sure is interested in you. Maybe we should hold hands or something to discourage him.”

Ellen shook her head.

“Maybe he’ll go away if we just ignore him.”

Part 2 Tomorrow


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