The Smell Of Blood – Part 3

Ellen stepped back from the window, startled by the unexpected. What would someone be doing standing in the middle of the street at this hour? She moved back to the window and looked again. There was no one there. She drew the blinds and sat down on the bed. Had she imagined it? Was it a trick of the light? She decided she’d had too much to drink and was somewhat spooked by the guy who had been watching her at the pub. She got into bed and put the whole matter out of her mind. Sleep was a bit longer in coming than usual but eventually she felt into restful slumber.

Monday morning on her break she had the urge to call Anne and tell her about what she had seen.

“That’s creepy Ellen, but you’re not sure you actually saw someone?”

“Well, I can’t be sure. The streetlights are so bright, and if there was someone there he was just out of the halo, in shadow, you know? I just don’t know.”

“Well, I doubt it’s anything to worry about. You didn’t see anyone Saturday or Sunday night?”

“No. You can bet I checked though.”

“Probably nothing to it then. Relax, girl.”

It was time for her presentation after that and the afternoon was busy as well and by the end of the day the matter was forgotten. As she left work she once again began to dread the gauntlet of construction workers, but it was inevitable and she began walking to the bus stop.

After half a block she began to have a strange feeling, one she couldn’t quite identify. She stopped and looked around but nothing seemed out of place and she continued on. As she reached the construction site she could see a woman just ahead of her receiving the treatment and she set her mouth in a grim line and picked up her pace.

As she was passing and they began whistling at her she turned her face away from them and looked to the other side of the street. She stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a man looking her way. The taunts from the construction site got her moving again but she wasn’t paying them any mind. She looked again at the other side of the street but he wasn’t there. She had been nearly certain it was the guy from the pub. Where had he gotten to so quickly?

She picked up her pace again, but now she was nervous. Was she imagining things? If it was he did it really mean anything? She thought about what she had seen, or thought she had seen in the street outside her apartment. As she continued on to the bus stop she looked over shoulder frequently but nothing was amiss.

The ride home was uneventful and she relaxed and decided she was being overly sensitive and that the events of Friday night must have affected her more than she realized. By the time she got home she had decided she was simply being silly and the thing to do was to have a nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine, followed by a leisurely bubble bath.

Getting off the bus at her stop she didn’t glace back as she walked up the street to her apartment. If she had she would have seen a figure watching her go and writing something down in a small notebook.

Part 4 Tomorrow

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