In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 6

Driving home from his two meetings Jerry was in high spirits. They were both buying in just as he knew they would. They were exhibiting caution, but that was to be expected. He had given them a bank account number and he was certain they would each make a deposit. He had given them password access to the website he had set up with all the “official” information about the “secret” hedge fund so it was only a matter of time. His phone rang and he had a look. Perfect, just what he was hoping for.

“Hi Reggie old boy, how’s it going today?”

“Jerry, great thanks. I hope you haven’t forgotten about us catching up.”

“Not at all Reggie, I’ve been looking forward to it. When would suit?”

“Well, are you busy this evening? I’d like to take you to dinner at my favourite restaurant.”

“Sounds great Reggie. I’d be delighted.”

“Super. I’ll pick you up at eight then, how does that sound?”

“You’re on Reggie. See you then.”

This one was champing at the bit. Still, he would need to take a soft approach. Eager as he was he would want as much proof of the “facts” on offer as he could get. That would be the real test. No matter, Jerry had everything in place. He need only stress the need for secrecy to whet Reggie’s appetite.

Arriving home he made contact with a few more of the people he had met at the dinner party and laid the groundwork for setting them up. All went as planned and he found himself with a few hours to kill before he needed to get ready for dinner.

His thoughts returned to Elizabeth and he remembered that she had told him to give her a call. Mulling it over he took a deep breath and picked up his phone.

“Elizabeth. How’s the day treating you?”

“Hi Jerry, good to hear from you. Great, actually. Just got some wonderful news about…well, no matter. So what’s up?”

“Well, you asked me to give you a call about having lunch sometime this week.”

“Right, definitely. Say, what are you doing right now? Want to come over and have a drink?”

Jerry nearly dropped the phone but regained his composure.

“Sure. I’m having dinner later, but I’m free for a couple of hours.”

She gave him her address and he headed out to the car. She was full of surprises, this one. Still, he was pleased with the way things were going. This could well prove a chance to find out more about her.

“Hi Jerry, come on in. Good to see you again.”

The place was elegant but understated. An airy open plan townhouse, all pale yellow walls, Tiffany lamps, Danish modern and some impressive artwork scattered around.

“Nice place, you have great taste.”

“Well thank you. I do what I can. I was just in middle of checking something online, make yourself at home and I’ll be right back.”

He cast his eye about for hints and saw a manila envelope on a side table with some documents peeking out. He looked to make sure she wasn’t coming right back and went over and took a quick look. It was an investment statement with some eye-popping numbers on it. He was just about to see if he could find the company name when he heard her returning. He quickly moved to the sofa and sat down.

“So. A martini?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

She brought the drinks over and he raised his glass.

“To a beautiful friendship.”

She nodded her approval and they drank. He made a bold decision and put his drink down.

“Listen, Elizabeth, when we talking about investment last time, I…”

“Were we? Oh, you mean about you and Reggie?”

“Well, yes, but you also mentioned that you had some things on the go, and…”

“Now Jerry, did you come here to talk about boring stuff? I must confess I had something else in mind.”

Jerry noted the mischievous look in her eyes and gulped his martini. Yes indeed, she was full of surprises, this one.

Tomorrow – Part 7


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