The Smell Of Blood – Part 5

Arising from a better night’s sleep than the previous one Ellen checked her diary and discovered that in her preoccupation with her elusive stalker she had forgotten about an after work function she needed to attend.

Arriving at work she checked that it was still on only to find it was. Not being in the mood but needing to be a team player she resigned herself to going. A hectic day lay ahead but that would be a good distraction all the same.

The day flew by and she gathered up her things and headed for the lift. One of the guys from accounting who had flirted with her in the past was onboard and her heart sank at the sight of his grin.

“Hi Ellen. Going to the function?”

“Hi Greg. Yeah, have to, eh?”

Studying the buttons and anything else she could to avoid eye contact was either too subtle a hint or he simply wasn’t buying it.

“Well, maybe we can have a drink together.”

Rolling her eyes at the ceiling she turned a noncommittal smile on him.

“We’ll see. I have to coordinate.”

Walking with haste as the elevators doors opened she turned down a hall as though she had business to attend to before the function. She was thankful Greg didn’t offer to follow. She really didn’t want any male attention and that was that.

When she was sure he was gone she left the building. Thankful for the small blessing that the function was in the opposite direction of the construction site she made it a full block before she realized it was at the very pub she had gone to with Anne.

Willing herself not to think about what had happened last time she was there she forced herself to be in the moment and walked in greeting everyone she knew. She got stuck in to coordinating the event, noting that her boss was watching with approval.

The evening was going fine and she was more relaxed than she had been for days. Moving smoothly through her agenda she felt glad she had come to the event. Pouring herself a glass of wine she glanced around the pub and couldn’t deny a feeling of relief that the man from last Friday night wasn’t to be seen. Allowing herself to believe the whole thing might be over she smiled and went back to networking.

At the end of the evening she made sure everyone was out before she wrapped up the proceedings and went outside to hail a cab. Shivering at the drop in temperature on a clear night she glanced up and down the street but traffic was very light and there wasn’t a cab in sight. Not seeing any alternative she started walking. There was a busier street a few blocks up where you could always get a cab. Walking briskly to try to overcome the cold she couldn’t resist looking back to make sure no one was behind her. Finding the street clear she relaxed and slackened her pace a bit.

Crossing at the intersection she glanced down the side street and her heart leapt into her throat. Leaning against a lamppost and looking straight at her was the man from the pub.

Part 6 Tomorrow

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