The Smell Of Blood – Part 8

Maintaining his distance, Ellen’s stalker took out his phone and punched in a number. After a brief conversation he put it away and picked up his pace. He could feel excitement beginning to course through his veins. As he felt the familiar tic in his neck he counted his heartbeats, revelling in the thought of the blood flowing free. He wore a beatific smile now as he weaved in and out of the foot traffic. He sniffed the air with confidence and his steps felt light and effortless. Anticipation, as always, was sweet.

Trying her best to compose herself Ellen decided to sit down and have a brief rest before continuing to the bus that would take her to Anne’s. She considered a cab but decided she needed the time the bus would take to think things through.

Sitting down on a bench facing the shops she forced herself to breath deep and relax. Nothing was to be gained from tension. She let her shoulders drop and her mind wander for a bit. The sun felt good on her face and a gentle breeze cooled her down.

Seeing her stop he pulled up short and considered his next move. Stepping to the curb now he crossed the street and continued on, keeping his eye on Ellen. She was so close now. Allowing his imagination free reign he put his hands in his pockets and day dreamed of things to come. Sweet memories ran as a slide show in his head.

Noticing that she was sitting in front of the department store she had passed on the way to the pub last Friday Ellen spotted the dress that had caught her interest and went over to check it out. It was a beautiful cocktail dress of some rich fabric and the styling would suit her figure well, she decided. Making a mental note to come back the next day and try it on she was about to head for the bus stop again when she had the sensation that she wasn’t paying attention to something she should be. She looked around but saw nothing unusual and then she noticed the reflection in the glass.

Standing directly across the street from her with his hands in his pocket and a sickening smile on his face was her tormentor. Her head filling up with a rush of thoughts, Ellen forced herself to stand still and not react. If she ran he’d know she’d spotted him. Her being rapidly filling with the urge to turn and scream at him, she decided it would be best to just keep moving toward the bus stop.

Walking along at a normal pace she didn’t look across the street. If he didn’t know she figured she had a good chance of just joining the crowd at the bus stop and she’d be safe and on her way to Anne’s in no time.

Allowing herself to pick up her pace a bit, she reasoned that the bus stop being still two blocks away made it prudent. She stayed close to the buildings in case she needed to duck into one. Holding down the anger at her carelessness in losing her phone she stayed focused on getting on the bus and away to safety. If only she could call that policeman now.

Sensing that she was on to him he took out his phone and hit redial. As he put the phone away he picked up his pace and closed the gap. Excitement was in the air and he felt the old familiar urge.

Moving along the shops Ellen nearly jumped out of her skin as a man carrying a parcel came out of a doorway unexpectedly and collided with her nearly knocking her to the ground.

“Oh, Miss, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was going. Are you alright?”

Tomorrow, Part 9 – The End


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