In The Kingdom Of The Blind- Part 1

Noting the slight arcing of the sales agent’s eyebrows as he pulled his Montblanc Etoile de Montblanc fountain pen from his pocket Jerry gave him a winning smile.

“Where do I sign?”

Half an hour later he rolled off the showroom floor in his brand new Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722. After all, if one was going to be living in Key Biscayne and wanted to establish oneself quickly it was the thing to do.

It had taken him three years to secure just the right property on the Key but his ship had finally come in. Not that the intervening years hadn’t been put to good use. The acquisition of the Mercedes was testament to that.

Arriving at his new property he saw that the movers were already well into getting him settled and he spied moving blinds on the adjoining property. Good, the neighbours were already taking note.

Setting up his laptop after a quick appraisal of the new furnishings he got down to the business of studying the files he had assembled on the good citizens of Key Biscayne. It would take a week or so to make his initial selections for grooming but he was an old hand.

Working his way through the alphabetical listings he made note of the ones that were of immediate interest and keyed phone numbers and names into his address book. He considered taking a slow drive around the immediate area before sunset to give everyone a show and stir more interest in the new kid on the block and decided it was an excellent idea.

Returning home after his cruising about and dinner at a local café he wasn’t surprised to see the neighbours on his immediate right sitting out on their veranda watching his arrival. He waved genially and they waved back. He made a quick decision and strolled across the drive.

The maid was waiting for him at the door and welcomed him in.

“Mr. And Mrs. Williams invite you to join them on the veranda sir. Can I get you something to drink?”

The ball was in play. He asked for a martini and made his way to them.

“Mr. And Mrs. Williams, Jerry Hoskings. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“Reggie, please, Jerry. My wife Alice.”

“Welcome to the neighbourhood Jerry. I do hope you like it here. It’s a lovely house you have. We were sorry to see the Wilson’s go.”

“Yes, I understand they were wonderful people. Thank you for having me. I look forward to being part of the community. Always good to be involved, I say.”

The Williams’s exchanged an approving look.

“So good to hear you say that old boy. We’ll have to see about signing you up for the some of our committees.”

The better part of an hour later Jerry excused himself and bade them a good night. Walking back to his house he was well pleased with himself. He was sure he could work with these two. He made a mental note investigate what tack to take the next morning.

Pouring himself one last drink and preparing to retire for the night he felt the old familiar surge of energy that accompanied a new enterprise. It was what he lived and breathed. The game was afoot once more.

Part 2 tomorrow


2 responses to “In The Kingdom Of The Blind- Part 1

  1. Clearcut writing. Nice.
    Keep posting. 🙂

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