In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 2

Over the next several days Jerry made a point of seeing and being seen around the neighbourhood, turning on the charm for all he was worth. Dropping off some dry cleaning one day he overheard a couple of women discussing the new guy who had moved in on West Broadview Drive. Neither had seen him yet but they understood he had a brand new McLaren 722 and was well thought of already. One of them added that he was said to be a real looker and was living alone.

Heading back to his car with a grin plastered on his face he marvelled at how easy it all was. Though really it didn’t come as a surprise, he’d been doing it for more than ten years now.

Checking his mailbox on his way in he found a gilt edged envelope that just shouted important. It was a dinner invitation. The Williams’ were hosting a do on the upcoming Saturday and he was to RSVP.

Dropping it on the credenza he whipped out his phone and dialled.

“Alice. So lovely to hear your voice. Got the invite. Of course I’ll be there.”

“Wonderful Jerry. We have some people we’d like you to meet. By the way, I’ve been hearing rumours about investments. Are they true?”

“Well, you know, I dabble a bit. I know some people. We’ll talk Saturday.”

He hung up and went to work on his laptop, whistling away. It was always like this. Just a matter of knowing where to place the bait, really. He would have to remember to have his voice recorder hidden on him at the dinner party, there would be a wealth of information floating about and he would never remember it all.

Over the next couple of days he continued to work the privileged enclave, making sure he was seen entering and leaving buildings with prestigious investment firms in them. Everyone who was anyone saw everything that went on in Bal Harbour. Jerry had been around people such as these for a long time and he knew the grapevine would carry the news he wanted it too if he worked it right.

He checked the real estate listings and made note of any big agents he hadn’t had contact with yet. They would come in handy in due course. He wished there was some way to know who would be at the dinner party so he could do some ground work but he was sure it would all work out.

Realizing he would need some new contracts soon he took a ride out of town and drove up the coast. No sense taking any chances being seen in Bal Harbour printing them up. That would never do.

Driving back in he stopped at a deli to stock up his refrigerator and pantry and ran into Reggie on his way back to the parking lot.

“Jerry, so good to see you again. Did you get the invite?”

“Yes, I spoke to Alice earlier today. Looking forward to it.”

“Wonderful. I’ve got some people I want you to meet. I’ve been hearing things about you, young man. One hand washes the other around here, if you get my drift. Well, be seeing you then.”

Chuckling to himself Jerry pulled the Mercedes out into traffic and turned up the stereo. They didn’t waste any time, these people. He had learned a long time ago that money begets money and the wheel kept turning ever thus.

Smiling at it all as he turned in to his driveway he could smell success in the air. Or perhaps it was Jasmine. Either way it was all good.

Tomorrow, Part 3


3 responses to “In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 2

  1. Awesome writing. I am very glad.

  2. Oops. Me again. Forgot to click for the new posts.

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