In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 4

Transcribing the information from the recorder the next morning Jerry marvelled at how much he had to work with. He would have to resist the urge to linger too long in Bal Harbour, but that wouldn’t prove difficult. He had lasted this long by not being what they were. The secret was to never play the game too long and never get attached to the gains.

Taking Leonard’s card out of his pocket he studied it with a practiced eye. Brushed titanium with incised Victorian lettering. He whistled softly. It shouted elegance. Smooth bevelled edges in a classy geometric. Leonard may be an old school guy he thought, but he sure did know enough to keep up with the times where it mattered. He would have to go softly with this one even though he was already snapping at the bait. It wouldn’t do to get it wrong and he could tell by the card Leonard was no dummy.

He decided to put off phoning him for a couple of days. Anticipation would work in his favour. He made a short list of others he’d contact today or tomorrow, but right now he was thinking about Elizabeth. Dinner conversation laced with a few well-placed questions had led him to the conclusion that there was definitely potential he just needed to decide what avenue to pursue. As he pondered the matter his phone rang.


“Well good morning Jerry. I hope I’m not intruding on your day, I just wanted to tell you how delightful it was having you over last night.”

“Well thank you Alice, I’m touched, and I might add it was wonderful meeting your friends, what a lovely bunch they are.”

“Oh, Jerry, that’s so what I wanted to hear. I hope I’m not prying if I ask how you got on with Elizabeth?”

Jerry grinned in spite of himself.

“She’s a charmer, Alice. We got on like a house on fire. Say, you wouldn’t be playing matchmaker, now would you?”

“Me? Why whatever would give you that idea?”

Her girlish laugh almost made him lose the plot.

“Well, I suppose she told you we’re having coffee this week. I don’t suppose she had anything to say about me?”

“Now Jerry, girls have to have their secrets you know.”

More laughter. It was almost more than he could bear.

“Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much everyone enjoyed meeting you. You’re going to fit in quite well young man. Ta for now.”

Putting the phone down he allowed himself a self-satisfied smirk. He had had it easy in the past, but this was beyond the pale. These people were like innocents. He would have to guard against complacency.

Picking the phone up again he dialled Elizabeth. It seemed the thing to do.


“Hello Elizabeth. Jerry here. Did you have a nice time last night?”

“Oh hi Jerry. Yes I did. I’m glad you called. Did you meet some interesting people?”

“Well, I’m talking to one right now, aren’t I?”

He couldn’t believe he’s said it, but there it was.

“Oh, well then…I suppose I meant did you get on well with the other guests.”

“I know. Yes, I did. Wonderful bunch of people they are. Do you know many of them?”

It always paid to connect the dots so as not to encounter any nasty surprises.

“Some of them. They’re the usual crowd at Reggie and Alice’s dinner parties for the most part.”

“I see. So, are we still on for coffee this week?”

“Yes, I’m free most mornings this week. In fact tomorrow would be good.”

“Great. Shall I meet you somewhere?”

She gave him the address of a café she liked and they set a time. Hanging up the phone he nodded his satisfaction and went back to studying his transcription. He would get more in depth information tomorrow, he was certain.

Tomorrow, Part 5


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