In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 8

Driving home with a smile on his face Jerry cranked up the stereo and rolled down the window to take in the cool night air. Ten years in the game and he never got tired of the thrill of a successful deal. He had stayed on top and out of harm’s way by never letting it be about the money. That was the key. Greed made you blind; it was just a fact.

His thoughts wandered back to Elizabeth. He needed to start taking what was happening with her serious. He really hadn’t expected what had happened, at least not the way it had gone down. She was an enigma and if he was being honest with himself he was beginning to be a bit uneasy. On the other hand he enjoyed her. He couldn’t quite put his finger on the source of the dichotomy.

Checking his account online when he got home to saw that he now had a total of five on board. Reggie would make six, and he was the big fish. It didn’t pay to overplay any one place and he would need to start planning his exit soon.

The house was still in the open-ended deal he had made so he could leave at any time without a trace, just the way he always did. Part of the trust his newfound friends had in him was that they believed he was in the house permanently. The car he could offload in half a day with minimal loss, and whatever hit he did take was just the cost of making his escape.

Closing his laptop with a satisfying click he poured himself a glass of wine and retired to the balcony to look out over the lights of the city. He was going to miss Bal Harbour. He quite liked it. He looked up at the night sky just in time to see a shooting star. Without hesitation he found himself making a wish. It was what he wished for that took him by surprise. He went back inside and got ready for bed. Sleep was longer than usual in coming and as he drifted off he came to a decision.

The next morning he mulled over his decision and after breakfast he made a call.


“Hey there, lady. Good morning.”

“Hi Jerry. Did you have a nice night?”

“I did. It went well.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Maybe. What are you doing for lunch?”

“Oh, let me just check my diary.” This was followed by laughter, which made Jerry smile.

“Well, what do you know, it happens that I’m free. What did you have in mind?”

“You, me, a nice bottle of wine, and your favourite café. How does that sound?”

“It sounds delightful. See you around noon?”

“I’ll be there.”

Hanging up he felt a frisson that again had him contemplating what was really going on. He wanted to tell himself it was just a little fling, something he hadn’t had in awhile, but there was still something nagging him. Heading for the shower he put it to one side and decided that today was going to be about pleasure and that was that.

He killed some time making follow up phone calls and checking email. He got one from Reggie telling him he liked what he was seeing in the information he had been sent. That was both expected and satisfying.

Checking the clock he saw it was getting towards noon so he went to his closet and picked out some nice clothes to wear to lunch. He was aware he was being more particular than usual and he chided himself for being a bit of a schoolboy about this whole thing with Elizabeth. Perhaps it was time to probe a bit again, not that it had gotten him anywhere up to now. He was at some undefined crossroad, he decided. Perhaps he needed to find out what exactly it was.

Part 9 Tomorrow


2 responses to “In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 8

  1. He is going to lose it all over a dame?

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