In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 9

As he was about to knock she opened the door and threw her arms around his neck and hugged him.

“Hi Jerry. I like a man who’s punctual.”

“Yeah, that’s me, mister punctuality. You look great.”

“I’m feeling festive. Shall we go?”

They took her car, which he hadn’t actually seen up to now. He was impressed. A black BMW M6 convertible. It had to have set her back at least three hundred thousand. He thought about the investment statement he had peeked at.

“Nice ride lady.”

She smiled but didn’t look over at him as he shifted up and weaved in and out of traffic.

“Had it long?”

“No, not really. A couple of months.”

She pulled into the parking lot of waterfront café with white table clothed tables out front sheltered with umbrellas.

“I hope you like this place. I just love the menu.”

Jerry picked out a nice bottle of red and they ordered. After some small talk he turned the conversation to the heart of the matter.

“I believe you asked me about my dinner with Reggie. It was good. I brought him in on a deal I have going.”

“How nice for you. Things going well in that department then?”

“Yes, they are. You said you do some investing yourself. Anything I would have heard of?”

“Oh, probably not. I represent a consortium of investors. Private stuff.”

She sipped her wine and gazed at the traffic. Jerry tried to get a feel for whether or not she was being coy but he couldn’t read her. It was frustrating.

“I see. Things going well for you then?”

“Oh, you have no idea.” She gave him an enigmatic smile. “We’re all smart cookies.”

“Sounds intriguing. I guess you’re not in the market for anything new then?”

She put her glass down and looked him in the eyes.

“Let’s just say my cup runneth over.”

Jerry felt the old thrill. He hadn’t come across anything like this in quite a while. He’d stopped investing a long time ago other than the odd sure thing, but he sensed something beyond the pale was on the table here. He had the urge to find out more, but she wasn’t really being forthcoming and he couldn’t figure out why.

“How about you, Jerry? Do you just do for others, or are you active in the market yourself?”

Wow. All of a sudden things were looking more inviting. He put on his best noncommittal face and shrugged.

“Oh, I have a couple of things on the go long term, but I haven’t speculated in awhile now.”

Lunch arrived and the matter was dropped. Elizabeth was right the food was outstanding. Jerry was becoming more impressed by the minute. He wondered if maybe she’d let him in on the gravy train she was riding. He didn’t need the money, but if he put in the money he was taking off the locals it would make a nice cover and tie up all the loose ends. It would mean he could stick around with Elizabeth longer. He could pay out dividends to keep them on the hook and maybe even learn a thing or two from her since she had a degree in Economics. He wasn’t looking forward to taking off now that she was in the picture.

His thoughts must have been showing on his face. She was giving him a puzzled look.

“Jerry, where are you?”

“Oh, sorry. Just daydreaming I guess. So where to now?”

“Back to my place?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

They made love again and this time it was all the more wonderful in that he didn’t need to leave and she didn’t seem inclined to see him go.

“Do you want to tell me what you were daydreaming about back there?”

“Oh, you wonder about that, do you?”

He thought hard for a minute and decided to go for it.

“I guess I was wondering if there might be room for me in this thing you have going. I mean, I have some funds I need to park somewhere. If it’s not cool that’s okay, I understand, I just…”

She put her fingers to his lips.

“I like you a lot Jerry. It’s a closed deal, but I could bring you in under my name if that’s what you really want. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but you’re special.”

He smiled and kissed her. Life was good. Life

Tomorrow, Part 10 – The End?


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