In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 10 – The End

The next day Jerry transferred two million into an account Elizabeth set up for him. She had given him an access number for it so that he could make withdrawals. She didn’t ask why he needed it, but of course it was to keep his marks from getting suspicious until he was ready to leave town. She told him not to worry, she’d keep his investment level at two million for the sake of the deal and trust him to do top ups as necessary. He was touched by her faith in him. It did tweak his conscious a bit given his line of work but he decided he could live with it.

They continued to see each other daily and Jerry couldn’t help falling for her. He’d never met anyone like her. He told himself it would have to end before it got too over the top, but the fact was he was enjoying it too much to worry.

Jerry continued to take on a few more “investors” since he had decided to stick around longer. He was going to have to stay out of Florida for a good long while after this one, but he was okay with that.

Over the next few weeks he started planning where his next move would be. One had to stay on top of these things. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That’s the way things worked.

One morning he got a call just as he was finishing breakfast at his favourite café. Some thunderheads had rolled in from the east and he was enjoying the sound of the thunder and the hard falling rain as the phone rang.


“Hi handsome. Sleep good last night?”

“Hey you. Sure did. What’s on your agenda today?”

“I just got a call from a member of the consortium. Some of them want to have a meeting. I have to fly up to New York for a couple of days.”

“I see. Want me to come with?”

“That would be great, but I need to concentrate and you know how I am around you.”

A smile came to Jerry’s lips.

“Well, okay, so when will I see you? Want me to pick you up when you get back?”

“Sure do. I’ll call you when I get to New York. I’m leaving now, it’s all a bit rushed I’m afraid. Will you miss me?”

“You know I will. I’ll be looking forward to your call.”

He put the phone down and stared out at the falling rain. He could use a little alone time as it happened. He needed to get moving on his plans for the future. Elizabeth could be such a distraction.

The following day he threw himself into his work. When evening came he went out for dinner and found himself wondering why he hadn’t heard from her. He told himself she was must be busy with her partners and she’d call later.

As he got into bed that night he tried to ignore the niggling doubt at the back of his mind. He was rusty at this relationship stuff. The next day when he still hadn’t heard from her and she wasn’t returning his calls he knew something wasn’t right. With a sinking feeling he checked the account she has set up for him. The money was gone. He’d been had. He sat back in his chair and felt the blood drain from his face.

Just then his mail program pinged letting him know had a new email. He opened it


I have to say I really admire you. The night I met you I knew who you were what your line was. I was impressed with the way you worked the room. You see it takes one to know one. At first I didn’t want to take you down, but you know how it is. It’s all about the thrill really.

Greed isn’t the only thing that makes people blind. I could tell you hadn’t learned that yet. Just think of me as your teacher. I’ll always remember you with fondness.



Jerry went out to the balcony and stared at the harbour for a long while. Then he went back inside and made arrangements. It was time to go.

The End


One response to “In The Kingdom Of The Blind – Part 10 – The End

  1. Hmmmn. Well written as usual, but the ending was hardly a surprise. Brought down by a dame! Beaten by his own game. Still is very good though. I am sorry the series is over. Whatever will I have to look forward to now — except my unemployment check.

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