In The Manner Of Mischief

Decisions, decisions. What to wear? It all depends on where you’re going, Eddie mused. There was that new place down on Elm St. he had cased last week. Sure, why not. The Armani it is then. He laid out his outfit and took a shower. Dressed, he checked his look in the mirror. Steel grey with dark pinstripes. Pale blue Pierre Cardin shirt with purple and silver striped tie. The ensemble set off with understated gold cufflinks. Perfect. He got out his disguise kit and put on the finishing touches.

Walking in to the bar he cast a practiced eye over the crowd. Yuppies. God bless them one and all. Always cashed up and ready for an adventure after they had a few drinks in them.

He strolled around eavesdropping. Things weren’t looking too promising until he spotted three dapper young men at a corner table. He counted the shot glasses. Perfect. Between the mugs and the glasses they’d all be heading for the can soon.

One of them stood up. Eddie glided in behind him as he headed for the bathroom door. Out came the wallet. He scanned the driver’s license and popped the wallet back in, the whole process done in less than twenty seconds. Eddie was a pro of the highest order.

Fifteen minutes later he had them all sorted. He headed to the bathroom to remove his disguise. He’d have to move in before they decided it was time to call it a night. He got himself a drink and strolled over to their table.

He stood at a discrete distance and stared at them. Finally one of them noticed and stuck his chin out.

“Hey pal, what’s the story? Maybe you should take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

Eddie grinned and walked over to the table.

“No need for that. Sorry to stare, it’s just that I felt strong vibrations coming from this table and I was trying to get a feel for why that was.”

The other two were gawking at him now as though he were a sideshow freak.

“Did you say vibrations? What are you, some sort of hippy-dippy new age freak?”

They laughed in unison, one of them slapping the table causing his beer to slosh. The other two high-fived each other.

“Not exactly,” Eddie allowed. “I’m a psychic.”

Staring at him anew they broke into even louder laughter, drawing the attention of those around them.

“Mind if I sit down?”

Eddie didn’t wait for an answer. He folded his hands on the table for a moment and looked at them, then put his fingertips on either temple and closed his eyes.

“Yes. Uh huh.”

He nodded his head and affected a grave look.

The one who hadn’t spoken yet piped up.

“What the hell is this? You’re no psychic. All those people are charlatans.”

Eddie sighed.

“I get so tired of hearing that. Sometimes I wish people would put their money where their mouth is.”

“Okay wise guy. How much are we talking here?”

Eddie shrugged.

“You’re the doubters. You tell me.”

They talked amongst themselves in low voices and got out their wallets.

“We can cover a thousand. Too rich for you, wise guy?”

Eddie shook his head.

“No problem. Here’s the bet. I’ll prove I’m a psychic by telling you what each of your exact birthdays is. Fair enough?”

They stared at him for a moment and then looked at each other.

“You’re on.”

They slapped the cash down on the table. Eddie did likewise.

He put his fingers to his temples and concentrated then started from the left and pointed at each of them in turn.

“February 8th, 1978, April 23rd, 1980, January 17th, 1979.”

As their jaws dropped Eddie continued.

“You, you’re going to be offered a chance to buy into a new block of condos going up soon, it’s a great deal, go for it. You, start paying more attention to your wife. Save yourself some heartache. You, get a physical soon, your health needs attending to.

As they stared wide-eyed Eddie picked up the money.

“A pleasure, gentlemen. You might want to consider being more open minded in the future.”

He headed for the street, another fine night’s work concluded.


2 responses to “In The Manner Of Mischief

  1. Maybe I should try scamming as a means of generating income.

  2. titirangistoryteller

    Hmmm… you’re the lawyer… can you come up with something good?

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