Getting Clear – Part 2 – The End

Andrew went to a cabinet on the wall and took out a bowl and stick of some sort. He showed it to Zian.

“Singing bowl. It settles the chakras. Continue breathing deeply.”

Zian breathed and Andrew struck the rim of the bowl and began moving the striker around the rim slowly. A low vibrating tone filled the room and he moved the bowl around Zian’s body as he played it.

Zian had never seen such a thing before, but the sound was not unpleasant. Still, he couldn’t imagine how this was going to unblock him.

After several minutes Andrew stopped and put the bowl away then came back and stared at Zian.

“Your aura is still muddy my friend. This blockage is serious indeed. Let us try another tack.”

He told Zian to stand up and guided him to a massage table near by. He motioned for Zian to lie down and place his hands at his sides. Moving back to the cabinet he took out some objects that Zian recognized as crystals of various sorts.

“We will try crystal purification. Lie still.”

Andrew placed the crystals along the chakra points and went to his desk and inserted a cd in the player. Sitar music filled the air and he returned and chanted over Zian’s body. Zian was becoming alarmed by this time and waved a hand to indicate he wanted to sit up. Andrew touched his shoulder in reassurance.

“Be still, mate, try to become one with the flow. Let the sacred energy harmonize all and bring you into alignment. Do not fear, you will be unblocked.”

Twenty minutes later he removed the crystals and put them away. Returning to the table he had Zian sit up and stood back and looked at him. Frowning, he stroked his chin and thought.

“Your aura is still like mud my friend. What could this blockage be? Stay here while I go look something up.”

He went to his desk and got out a book and began looking through it. Zian was beginning to despair and as he looked around the room he remembered the card he had been give by the general practitioner.

As Andrew returned to the table he held it out to him

“Look, I have card. You are doctor to unblock me, yes? They send me here.”

Andrew took the card and read it.

Joshua Abrams M.D.
213 Greenlane Road
Room 201

“Oh. Sorry mate. Second floor, first door on the left.”

Zian took the card and walked out of the room as bewildered as he had been when he walked in.

The End


2 responses to “Getting Clear – Part 2 – The End

  1. Monica McLaughlin

    Loved it, Bobby.

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