The Road To Hell – Part 1

Do you know what it’s like to have everyone think you’re a screw-up no matter how hard you try to get things right? Well if you don’t, then my hat’s off to you. I mean, not for real, on account of I don’t got a hat, but you know what I mean. Anyways, I heard that expression once, so, you know.

My name is Daniel Allen Watson. Leastways, that’s what I’ve always been told. I live in Boyle Heights. That’s in East Los Angeles. I live with my mom and younger brother and sister, but I don’t like to tell people that on account of I’m too old to be livin’ at home.

I’d move out, but I ain’t never been able to hold down a job. They say I don’t pay attention or somethin’. Who needs that shit anyway? I like to hang with some of the homies from my barrio. They got them a gang that’s real cool. Paco and those dudes, they’re the bomb, so I try to get in good with them. That don’t always go so well.

They make fun of me when they’re bored and shit. Knock me around and stuff. That’s okay, I know they don’t mean nothin’ by it. So a couple of days ago I was walkin’ up on them and I saw Paco eyein’ up this chopped Chevy with some bad ass rims that was parked in an alley. He was sayin’ he’d really like to have that ride for himself.

Later on when they went to their clubhouse to do some business I got to thinkin’ about what he said and it came to me. I knew how I could get in good with Paco and then he’d let me be in the gang.

You learn some stuff growin’ up in this neighbourhood. Stuff that ain’t exactly legal, see? So what I did was, I went back that night and I hotwired that Chevy. It didn’t have no alarm, which should have made me suspicious I guess. Anyway, I got the car and I hid it and the next day I drove up on Paco and the boys and I jumped out and fronted up to Paco. I said hey, homie, look what I got for you and all like that.

He asked me how come I got this nice ride and I told him I did a deal for some bonafied home grown I been keepin’ on the down low. You should have seen his face. He jumped on that thing and started checkin’ it out. Then he looked me in the eye and asks me why I wanna be givin’ him somethin’ so nice.

I told him I just wanted to be with him and his boys. He said he’d think about that, then he punched my arm and I knew he was happy with me. Man, we went cruisin’ all over in that thing for more than a hour. What a sweet ride.

So things were lookin’ good. There I was sittin’ right up front with Paco. I was on cloud nine. That was three days ago. I wish I could go back to then, like if I had a time machine or somthin’. That would be sweet.

Part 2 Tomorrow


2 responses to “The Road To Hell – Part 1

  1. I’m catching up on my blog reading, so I just read this first part. Um, wow, yeah, this sounds familiar–in the real sense of the word.

    • Thank you. I grew up in California immersed in all aspects of Cal-Mex culture, including the criminal element unfortunately. Still, it makes for good writing fodder.

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