The Road To Hell – Part 2

But unfortunately I don’t got no time machine. That’s why I’m hidin’ out here in this abandoned warehouse on the outskirts. I mean, how was I supposed to know that car belonged to Alfredo Valdez? Nobody knows where that dude lives. He moves around a lot on account of he’s only one of the biggest drug dealers in East L.A. is all. I only found out because my brother heard some guys talkin’ about how somebody had stolen Alfredo’s ride and he was gunnin’ for whoever did it.

So now I’m in it deep. It’s just lucky I found out before Paco did. I mean, I wouldn’t even be around to tell the story if not for that. But I did the right thing. I got word to Paco about whose car it was and that he should just leave it on the street.

After it happened I was hopin’ Alfredo wouldn’t find out that Paco was cruisin’ in it, he wouldn’t care that Paco didn’t know it was his car. He’s the kind of guy who don’t ask questions. But I was afraid Alfredo would find out about Paco sooner or later, and about me too.

So I had to find a way to make things right again. I figured the first thing was to put out a story that I bought the car from someone else. That I didn’t know it was stolen. I mean nobody could prove that wasn’t true. Anyway, it seemed right. So I called up one of Paco’s homies that I knew I could count on. I told him the story I made up and asked him to tell Paco for me and to tell him I wasn’t gonna front up until he knew what the story was.

He called me back and told me Paco was still really pissed off and how could I be such a dumb ass and all like that. He said Paco wanted to hear it all from me straight up. I asked him if Alfredo knew about Paco cruisin’ and he said there was no word on the street about it. I thought about that and I got a hold of my brother and asked him to find out what was going on.

When he got back to me he said it seemed like Alfredo was still in the dark. He had his ride back but nobody could tell him who had stolen it. I guessed anybody who saw us cruisin’ was too scared of Paco to talk. Even if Paco went down his gang would take out whoever had ratted him out.

So if that was true then my story could work. Only thing was, Paco would want to know who I traded the homegrown to for the ride. Another thing, I was still scared to front up to Paco in case he didn’t like my story. I mean, what was to stop him from getting word to Alfredo that I stole the car so he wouldn’t be in the shit himself? It was all makin’ my head hurt.

I just wanted to do the right think. What’s that they call it? Intentions. Yeah, I had good intentions. All I had to do was make the pieces fit.

Tomorrow, Part 3


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