The Road To Hell – Part 3 – The End

So I got down to doin’ some thinkin’ and I came up with a plan. People are always getting offed in the barrio. You see it on the news and in the headlines. I figured if somebody had gotten killed after I gave the car to Paco then I could tell him that was the dude I traded with for the car. All I needed was a guy the right age and a name and I could be home free. With Paco anyway. Alfredo might be another story but the main thing was to make it right with Paco and then maybe he’d know what to do from there.

I went and got a newspaper and brought it back to my hideout and looked through it. Sure enough there was a guy got iced not far from where I took the car. The details they gave made him right for my story. Only thing was they didn’t know who did him or why but that’s usually the case.

So I figured he would do. His name was Jesus Montoya. I never heard of him before, he sure wasn’t someone who hung around our streets so it was a safe bet Paco wouldn’t know him either. I called the guy back who was acting as the go-between with Paco and told him I bought the car from a guy named Jesus Montoya and he should tell that to Paco. I figured if he got to me and said Paco was cool with that then I could go to him and work things out.

I mean, it all should have worked. I was just tryin’ to do the right thing. How was I to know who Jesus Montoya was? I sure know now. Paco bought my story and he was so happy that he had a name for who stole Alfredo’s ride that he put the word out on the street so Alfredo wouldn’t be lookin’ for him. Only it turns out Jesus Montoya was a guy who worked for Alfredo and Alfredo found out Jesus had been ripping him off. So he iced him. The day before I hotwired the car.

Life sure can get complicated, that’s what I know. So now Alfredo is looking for Paco and Paco is looking for me. Anyway, my mom’s got family down in Mexico. I’m thinkin’ I better get my ass down there for a while. I just need some money. If only I had a gun I could make that happen. I’m giving it some thought. I just know I can come up with something.

The End


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